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#bob: Juliette in Wonderland

By Lesassorties @LesAssorties

Juliette Jakubowska-Juliette-in-Wonderland-fashion-blog-interview

Blog: Juliette in Wonderland
Who: Juliette Jakubowska
Where: Poland
Age: 26
Blogging Since: 2012

What inspired you to start your own blog?

My younger sister! She had a blog before I started mine.

How important is the name of the blog?

It’s very important! It has to be easy to remember and “catchy.” I think that many people have heard about Shakespeare and Romeo and Juliette; that’s why I think the name of my blog is easy to remember.

How difficult is it to find a blog niche?

It’s not so easy. Nowadays there are quite a lot of blogs about any topic. You have to come up with something that no one has already found. You have to be different!

What is the best way to promote and grow your blog?

Use social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Publishing your looks on fashion platforms like Lookbook also helps.

What is your main audience and how did you reach out to them?

My main audience comes from Poland, USA, Germany and France. Since I started writing my blog in English, I am getting more followers from other countries, too. I try to share my outfits on social media and sites like Lookook, Elle, etc.

How important is it for your business to attend fashion week?

You can find lots of style inspiration during fashion week, and view new collections for upcoming seasons. Also, it’s a good occasion to meet new people who are also interested in fashion.

What are the best tips for building long-term relationships and partnerships with brands?

I think this is a totally subjective matter. Brands are different with one another; they have different marketing strategies, so it’s difficult to give tips. Just remember to stick to the terms you have agreed upon collaboration at the beginning, and everything will be fine.

What is the biggest challenge about running a blog?

Dealing with the hard times at the beginning. But when you have passion for what you do and put all your heart into it, people will notice, and appreciate your work. Also, I would have to say, keeping your website’s look professional – the template and quality of the photos play a very important part!

What advice would you give to anyone looking to start a blog today?

Be yourself! Don’t copy anyone else, it won’t help you.

What are your ultimate plans for your blog/blogging career?

I don’t have any. I blog for passion and fun. My dream is to open a small café in the center Paris! I love to bake and create beautiful meals, so maybe one day I can make my dream true.

Images © Juliette in Wonderland

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