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Blue and Yellow Are Friends

By Charmemodeblog
Some of you might not know, but blue and yellow actually look awesome together.  There are different ways to incorporate yellow into blue outfit or blue into yellow one.  You can never go wrong if you choose to wear a yellow belt with a blue shirt, or blue scarf with yellow dress.  Moreover, there is no limit on how much blue or yellow color you need in an outfit.
Blue and Yellow are FriendsYou can wear a bright blue dress with a bright yellow belt, or you can bring more color into your outfit, if, let's say, you have a pale blue shirt.  Wear a bright yellow scarf or even a clutch with it - that would not only complete your outfit, but the brighter color will make you stand out. 
Blue and Yellow are Friends
Which ever combination you choose, more blue, or more yellow, or even more of both, there is no right or wrong, that's what I like about those colors.
Blue and Yellow are FriendsBlue and Yellow are Friends
Keep an eye on my next post where I will show you how I wore blue and yellow together.
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