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Blogging Update

By Kvlog101 @KVlog101
The kvlog101 blogging network is getting bigger and better as this year goes on. I have started 2 new projects in the past week and i hope to grow these projects very quickly over the next month or two.
Project 1: Review Site
There are plenty of review sites already out there on the Internet but i have found myself move towards doing more tech and gadget stuff lately so thought i would  look at setting up a review site.
This is going to be a blog that will help to raise money for funding future projects and travel costs for a time lapse project in July.
The way the blog works will be simple and help show off good quality products.
By using the amazon affiliate programs for everyone that buys a product we review using the links on the post we get a small cut of the sales meaning that by shopping with amazon using the links on the site you help the blog grow and improve and to bring better content to the network.
Project 2: one day in my life project
I have had an idea for a while now to create this blog but have held off until i had everything planned.
This is going to be a blog were i am wanting to get people from around the world to write about what they do in a normal day then email it to the email address on the blog so i can post it. This will allow everyone to read about someones day and see what other people experience...
I will be posting a a blog post of a normal day to start then i want to get as many people involved by posting there day in an email to the email address on the blog.
I am not 100% sure how this project will turn out but i think it could make for some interesting reading.
Thanks for reading and supporting the blog.
I will be posting more content on the main blog in a day or two...

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