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Blogging About Everything...

By Kvlog101 @KVlog101
A friend of mine was asking me a few questions about his blog a few days ago as he is 2 months in to blogging and already finding it hard to write about his subject of cars...

He went online 2 months ago after i said about my blog and he researched and found many things saying you should stick to one subject or theme and it is easier...
I totally disagree with this as you limit your writing power by picking one theme and sticking to it as you may run out of ideas and not blog as much as you would like... meaning the readers dont get the content that they might expect.
When i started blogging i found not a lot of people blogged about everything and anything as it was a unorganised blog and many people did not read it, but it worked and my blog is close to 4000 views now and i have enjoyed the freedom to write about what i want and to cover topics from around the world.
I sometimes don't blog as i feel like there is no news to blog about but i find that my blog is read by many people for the multitude of topics and subject that in cover so i think having a mixture of different themes can bring in more views and spread a better message to your readers and make more impact on the people involved in all stages of the blog.
If you want to blog... just do it and try to create something you are happy with and not just because the readers want just one thing.
Thanks for reading and supporting my blog 

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