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Bloggers I Need Your Help

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum
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Bloggers I need your help.

I am away visiting my brother who lives in Sydney for 3 weeks in November so I am packing my suitcase and flying half way across the world, yes I am going alone and without children. My mother and aunt are coming with me and it will be a great opportunity for me in so many ways.

While I will have full internet access so I can Skype the kids 10 times a day, I will NOT be blogging.

I need to find a whole bunch of helpful bloggers to keep my blog alive for those 3 weeks.

I am hoping to have November all scheduled a week before I go, so I can sleep easy, if you could email me your post before the  6th November that would be great.

The more the merrier and all bloggers welcome. You DONT have to be a mommy blogger at all.

If you can help I would be truly grateful.

You are welcome to contribute on any topic you feel fit; the blog covers a huge array of topics.

Please make sure you also write a bio with a link back to your own blog, so my readers can come and see what else you write about.

If you can help please email me [email protected]

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