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Blogger Roundup: The Art of Thrifting.

By Bruby @mz_new_ruby

Blogger Roundup: The Art of Thrifting.
In these recent economic hardships, fashionistas everywhere have had to find more creative ways to stay fashionable, hence the growth of thrifting. In response to the world's newfound love of thrifting, there have been many blogs created that focus on the art of thrift. Here is a roundup of some of my favorite blogs.
1.Goodwill Huntingg: This is a blog created by fellow Kent State University Alumnus, Stacey Kay. Just, as the title suggests the blog centers around fashions Stacey finds at various Goodwill Stores. This is an excellent blog for beginner thrift lovers, because it serves as a shopping and style guide. As you click through the tabs and posts you will see many articles and videos made on shopping in Goodwill on a budget. Some of the recent posts are even guides to help readers put together creative and cheap Halloween costumes. 
2.Colour by Numbr: This a blog created by another Kent State University Alumnus, Kori Fields. This blog is not entirely dedicated to thrifting but the blogger herself is a lover of all things vintage, Her blog is filled with photos of various items she found at the thrift store.  She also just recently created a fantastic video with some tips on thrifting and showing off some of her favorite finds. If you want to see how to make vintage your own, check this blog out. 
I have to admit that I am still very new to thrifting myself. While I have always been a fan of shopping my mom’s or older sisters closets for some funky jewelry or a cool shirt, venturing into a thrift store for anything other than costume ideas was foreign to me. While, I have always loved fashion and art, my own personal style has always been a little bit safe. However lately I have been venturing into the various thrift stores in my area, and I have definitely found some unique pieces to add to my closet.  
Blogger Roundup: The Art of Thrifting.(Me wearing some clip-on earrings and gold necklace I got from the thrift store)
Want to see more items I found in my latest thrifting adventures? 

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