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By Objectsnotpaintings
In December I wrote about the current fascination that cable television has with antiques and auctions (see December 25: Television's New Obsession: The Auction World). I just found out that the History Channel now has a show of its own, called American Pickers, that also deals with this subject. American Pickers revolves around two guys who travel the country in search of hidden treasures in junkyards, basements and garages. Their goal is to find discarded objects which are valuable antiques. They also claim to "teach us a thing or two about American history along the way." I haven't seen the show yet so I am curious how successful they are. I guess I will have to tune in to find out. What's nice is that if you don't have the History Channel you can still view full episodes of the show online. Actually, this is the case with most of the shows that I wrote about in my previous blog post.

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