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Blog Designers – I Need Your Help

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

ID 10040915 Blog Designers   I Need Your Help

The blog post in which I shamelessly ask for help ;

I was once told that if you don’t ask you never , get so here goes:

I am not going to bore you with some please feel sorry for me post – I don’t want your sympathy or your shock horror at me asking for something for free either. I am far from shy and if you don’t go out there and chase your dreams, they ain’t going to come to you.

I need my blog to represent me – what I do. You can read about what I do here on the blog in my about me page. (Go on, honest I’m a great investment)

I have the Genesis framework and most of the themes, yet child themes are what thousands of others are using. I use a self-hosted WordPress thing too.

I want unique, something that oozes charisma and charm while showing the world this blog is THE place to be.

I am not your normal mommy blogger, I tackle real life issues and the blog is loved and read by many, currently receiving just over 1,000 visits each day (happy to provide the last years traffic stats).

What I Need:

A blog design that represents me

A blog header

A logo would be nice (I am intending to write books and other media revenues – so a logo that stands out would be ideal)

A nice little button thing – no idea what they are called – but other bloggers have them

Social network buttons to match would be a nice touch

What You Get:

Well you get to design me of course

icon wink Blog Designers   I Need Your Help

You get your own business branded on my popular blog the lifetime of the blog (I never quit so you’re pretty safe)

I will personally Tweet/Facebook about you and your company regularly 9I have a lot of followers)

You will be thanked and made a hero by hundreds of hormonal women on my mums group who all follow the blog.

What do you say? Can anyone help a damsel in distress?  If you feel sorry for me please do – there is a donate button at the bottom of the blog …. Just in case I have to pay

icon wink Blog Designers   I Need Your Help

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