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Posted on the 18 July 2012 by Telecolumnist @tele_columnist

Blogging like any other business requires Investment as well in Initial Days. I consider it as Capital Investment it may vary from 10$-10,000$. If you consider Blogging a serious affair this post is meant for you. I recommend to invest 40% of your income in below options.

When I started Blogging I even started with a Free Domain, No Decorative/attractive front page. Just content, but sooner I understood that these Investments are required to make your blog Successful. And you will be considered a professional, serious blogger.

1. Buy a Domain, Hosted Domain:- This is quiet something which every blogger considers as an unwanted expense. But believe me this is Important for your blog to come in top ranks on Google Search Page. I am not going to recommend a particular domain provider, but you can choose any one of them which are not giving you free…Surprised right but friends nothing is free in this world. If you want to sleep well in night without worrying about how your site is doing at the back of your mind. You are right now on free or

2. Blog Design:- Blog Design is important which starts from font you write in to the overall placement of advertisements everything related looks of your first page to post and last column. these things seams small but if you see it practically the Shop which has more appeal has more walkins. And if you have more walkins obviously chances of making visitors potential customer is higher.

3. SEO:- If you are old in blogging arena you must be aware of the basics of Search Engine Optimization so you can avoid this Investment.But if you are new into Blogging I recommend you to go for SEO of your blog. There are two types of Search Engine Optimization Techniques  On Page SEO is a cheap investment  required for new blog in thing Panda and Penguin World. Off Page is the requirement of those blogs which are into Blog Ecosystem and wrote few posts. Basically Off Page Blogging is the Backlink creation, buy links.

4. Social Networking Marketing:- Popular Social Networking SItes like Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, Digg, Stumble, Myspace can be your traffic drivers from there huge network towards your blog. But before jumping into the conclusion and pushing in the money to this I recommend to revamp face of your blog and make sure your blog is smartly designed, posts are of quality and in quantity. Should have a fan page on these social networking sites is highly recommended as these Fan Pages will make your fans attached your blog through these sites.

5. Team Effort:- If you are a busy person who has to handle other things other than your Blog you can give the task to a team who write on your blog on your behalf and hence keep the Blog alive when you are away. I consider it as not an investment due to the reason is 1+1 is not equals to 2 but it is sometimes equal to 11.

Keep writing and I appreciate if you have more Ideas to conquer the vicious Journey of Blogging and help fellow bloggers.


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