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Black Tor

By Undercurtain
In actual fact this entry should be untitled because we don't know a name for the stone row we visited. But since Black Tor was the nearest feature, besides the River Meavy, that'll do. Even if we didn't climb the hill to get there.
Like the Merrivale example, this was a double row, perhaps better described as an avenue, but that's a little posh. Maybe a stone street. Or a lane. At the high point - the row runs down the gradient in what's close to an westerly direction - there's a cist burial, long since disturbed of course. There's no obvious landscape alignment, no tors, no low point, nothing at all to speak of which point towards a calendar type row linked to a sun set. If this is the case, then it would have to be a winter solstice or perhaps an equinox or other principle day because the sun was almost directly in line when we got there around 5.45pm. The proof of that is obvious enough in the first photo.
Black Tor
The twin peaks on the left of the next photo are Sharpitor - on the right and Leather Tor on the left. The sky is a white out because the sun, as indicated, was shining straight down the row.Black Tor
Lastly, a more personal picture. Not the best of what was taken, but importantly, for unstated reasons, it shows three dogs.
Black Tor

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