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Black Diamonds

By Phoenixwriter @naesnest

Black Diamonds

Black diamonds

A rare treasure indeed

He has to find one

He must succeed


He loves his lady

Plans to ask for her hand

He wants something special

To show where he stands


Like the black diamond

Their love is rare

Deeply rooted

Tended with care


Black diamonds are few

And difficult to find

Just as this love

 A treasure,that glows and shines


A love that’s new

But grown in the past

Strong as a black diamond

And made to outlast


This love has been cultivated

Nurtured with care

Nature tended for centuries

Precious and rare


Black ice is mystery

So glossy it shines

Black mystery in her eyes

Cool and refined


Each other they need

Both are old souls

Black diamond a perfect symbol

Of centuries untold


Black diamonds are timeless

They are without end

Just as this love

Infinity it  will transcend

Renee Robinson

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