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Black Cat Face

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro
Black Cat FaceIn my search for some new black cat art ideas, I found an extreme close up of a face that got me thinking... 1. I’ve got a wide range of ages in my afterschool painting class, so I plan to give students a template of just the eye shape that you can download HERE. Drawing their own is always better, but if you can’t aid in correcting this first step for all, a template at least gives them all an equal starting point. Students place the template on the letter size watercolor paper and trace. The eyes should be about one eye width apart.2. Circles inside the eyes are added, along with the sides of the nose.3. A nose is added between the lines.4. The mouth lines are drawn below the nose.5. Details such as whiskers, spots, eyebrows and pupils are added. All lines are traced with a thick, permanent, chisel tipped marker.6. Crayons are used to color in the eyes (white), pupils (green in this sample) and nose (pink). When complete, the entire face is painted with black liquid watercolor paint.

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