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Bla Bla Blah Chatter

By Mollylouise
Bla Bla Blah!
I really don't know what to write to be honest. Sorry! However, I do promise that I will have a decent post up very soon. I promise. Now I will bore you with my blabbering.
Okay, so this week I have done two GCSE exams and I think I have done reasonably well but I'm no maths genius so my 'well' might not be too great. School has been totally chilled out which is great as the atmosphere is less stressful. 
Also, I have been so obsessed with Lana Del Rey. I've been listening to Summertime Sadness too much. Resulting in me choosing that piece as my solo performance in my BTec music.
Today (8/11/13) we went shopping to by my birthday pieces. I picked up my Joni high waisted jeans. Hallelujah! With a fluffy jumper from Primark which I must say is literally heaven. Feels like a massive hug (one which I would imagine Niall Horan giving). 
This weekend I might be attending a firework display which is already predicted rain so maybe not this year.
Anyway I won't bore you any longer! ☺
Bla Bla Blah Chatter

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