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Bitch: Is Being Called a, "bad Bitch," So Bad?

By Kelly Speechless @KellySpeechless

Is being a bad bitch so bad?  I know the female dog conundrum, and I also know that guys don't get called or labeled a, "bitch or bitchy." I also now that these stereotypes feed into why it's not a good idea for women to call themselves and others under the connotation of the word, "bitch." I understand that this word and types of sayings that incorporate the word bitch have a defined line in many ways. Of course we don't want to be called a bitch out of anger, but does that mean its ok to be a bitch in a good way?Bitch: Being Called MEN were asked, "Who would be considered a"bad bitch?"

"A female who has everything together. Takes care of herself and her man. street smart and book smart. Must smell good 24/7, cookgood,clean good, works it good. owns her own shit. must be a ridah and no less then a dimepeice exercis everyday.nice skin. doesnt bitch and is just down ass chick. perfect body with manners in the street but a freak in the bed. Model type"(161 up, 55 down urband dictionary).
A bad bitch is one who is independent, a boss lady, H.B.I.C, does what she wants, when she wants and isnt concerned with what others say or think about it. She has the highest self confidence and self esteem no matter what her size, shape but she also has pretty girl swag and always stays fabulous with her gear. She dresses to impress and owns the room when she enters it! She's a Bad Girl with a Bad Bitch Mentality! She's a Boss!"(19 up, 7 down urban dictionary).
But this is my dilemma: I like saying, "what's up bitch?," to my friends in a playful way of course but is that the same thing? My coworkers, neighbors and all other applicable don't get that same greeting. Also right or wrong, I confess that referring to someone as a bad bitch has come out of my mouth a handful of times.

Maybe It Means....

1. Opinionated women who don't care what other people think as much as she can. 2. A woman who calls out others on their bullshit and can listen to someone calling out their own.  3. A woman who doesn't talk behind other peoples back or try and bring people down. 4. Is to busy trying to to make it and be successful they don't have time to worry about the lives of others to judge. Unless that life asks for something.  5. Be confident and looks good because of it.  Most Importantly: A Bad Bitch Isn't A Bitch You Want To Fuck With.  Bitch: Being Called

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