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Bisexuality and the Lesbian Community

Posted on the 03 October 2011 by Cynisright @cynisright

“They’re just being super greedy! Why can’t they pick a side?”

“It’s not real, they’re just afraid to come out as gay.”

“How can you be bisexual? You have an opposite sex partner!”

Bisexuality. This word is loaded with various misconceptions, ill-informed ideas and biases that it’s a wonder many people haven’t simply rejected the title in exchange for something else. Some have, choosing to be called label-free or iterating that they value connection and honesty more than genitalia. So while some people would rather be label-free than loaded with biphobia, others still stand by bisexuality.

As the conversation around bisexuality persists, more of the interest seems to be focusing more on men than women. Perhaps this could be that women are considered to be more open? The image of girls making out with each other - sometimes for the benefit of on-lookers – is a very prominent one. But it’s also an increasingly normalized one, as more people are becoming nonchalant with girl-girl relationships (in some capacities).

The same can’t exactly be said for male bisexuals, who recently had to go through a study to prove their validity. In fact, there’s a documentary called Bideology, created by Arielle Loren, which talks to women who are dating bisexual men. The double standards between bisexual men and women are illuminating, but at its foundation, much of the discussion about bisexuality is heteronormative.

What about bisexuality in the gay and lesbian community? If more and more women are feeling comfortable being out as bisexual, does that influence lesbians who are searching for a significant other? Does it even matter?

Here’s a video of four lesbians discussion bisexuality as lesbians:

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(The second part can be found at Cherry Bomb, their site).

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