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Birthday Wishlist!

By Makeupandartfreak @MakeUp_ArtFreak
Yep. My birthday is almost here (May 27th), and I'm turning 21! (ugh.. I'm old >_<)
I always wanted to do a wishlist on my blog with pictures and everything :) I just love reading other peoples wishlists and so I decided to do my own, and what's a better time to do this then a few days before my birthday? :)
No, I'm not expecting from anyone to give it to me on my birthday! I realize it's too much and too close to the date. ha-ha. These are more kind of the things I want to get this year :) Yes. That will be a good description! ^_^
*Too many smiley faces..*
OK, so here it is: (With a description below)
Birthday Wishlist!1. Sigma Synthetic Kabuki Kit - I've just heard too many reviews about this kit and it's SO good for SO many things! Liquid products, cream products, foundation.. You get precision, you get buffing, you get softness!.. Just perfect! 
2. Katy Perry Purr Perfume - Not because I like Katy Perry. (Not that I don't like her, I'm just not that a big fan). But because of the scent! I LOVE IT! Not just that it is a good scent, but the main reason why I loved it so much is that it really reminds me of something.. and I don't know what! You know how it is when you smell something that reminds you like a period of your life or something and gets you back to your childhood, or the past or whatever? They say it's really good when a certain scent reminds you of something.. And that's what I have with this perfume! I just couldn't stop smelling it at the store!
3. Coastal Scents 88 Original and Warm Palettes - OK, so I know I'm a little bit late about wanting those, because there was a period of time (like 5 years ago or so) that everyone had it and talked about how they love it.. But I didn't really thought I need it, because my main thought was "What am I gonna do with that much eyeshadows?! Maybe one day, when I'll become a professional makeup artist, and I'll have clients, I'll get one of these.." Well... Now I am. And that's the main reason why I want them. So many colors, great pigmentation, in one palette. Comfortable.
4. Metallic Silver Nails - Again, kind of an old-fashion, but as you probably understood by now, I'm not that kind of a person who follows trends and things like that. I like to buy what I want, when I feel like it :P And just now I started loving this trend! :) I really want to try a metallic silver nail polish (I put China Glaze on the picture, but It really doesn't matter what brand the nail polish will be, it just needs to be good), or even those mirrored chrome nail strips! Would love to try it out! :)
5. This Dress! - Yes, it's Cameron Diaz in the movie "The Mask". And AGAIN, old thing.. But I can swear I wanted this dress since the very first time I've seen that movie, when I was a little girl. (Which I absolutely LOVE.. And no, it has nothing to do with the fact that the name of the girl that Cameron plays in that movie is TINA.. haha). It's just so elegant and beautiful!! Cameron looks GORGEOUS in it! She does wear another pretty dress that I really like, at the end of the movie, a black with red stripes, but I really love this one! Does anyone knows where I can find a dupe to this dress? Or do I have to sew one?... =\
6. Sigma Mrs. Bunny Essential Kit - Last but not least, something I've been wanting for a very long time.. CUTE, versatile, soft, professional, high quality, Vegan! Do I have to continue?..
That's it! Happy birthday to all the people in the world who celebrate their B-day on May 27th, as well! ^_^

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