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Bike Under the Moonlight

By Ros @scotlandphohos

Last night was a full moon, and clear skies – perfect for some photography in the moonlight. So I headed out on my bike to take some photos. My original plan was to take some shots of Edinburgh castle with the moon overhead. Timing wasn’t great or that shot, though, as the moon was still too far over to the east for a good composition. It was cold enough that I didn’t fancy hanging around to wait for it to move to the right place!

So instead I cycled up onto Calton Hill. I immediately realised that the trees beside the folly were going to make for some interesting silhouette shots. I took a couple of those, before deciding to get down a bit lower to the ground, and add my bike into the shot.
Here’s the result:

Bike and tree in the moonlight, on Calton Hill, Edinburgh

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