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Biggest Mistakes to Avoid in Your Nursing Career

Posted on the 25 June 2012 by Pacificcollege @pacificcollege1

Biggest Mistakes to Avoid in Your Nursing CareerAs you consider nursing school, keep in mind that several different specialties are available for you to choose. Think carefully about what you really want to do as a nurse. Do you want to work with babies or mothers in labor? Would you rather be a nursing administrator? Don’t choose the wrong nursing programs for your goals. An Associate Degree in Nursing, if you want to be an administrator, means that you will start out too low on the career ladder, so aim higher.

Once you have entered nursing school, it will take up a large part of your life. Not that being a mom, dad or significant other will be impossible – but it will definitely be a bit more difficult than before. With that said, accept that studying, class time, clinicals and didactic time will be a required part of your life, not optional. In addition, your nursing instructors have very high expectations of you. You will be expected to maintain a high grade point average, and not being able to do so means you might need to refocus your time and energy into studying and preparing for your nursing career.

After graduating from nursing school, make sure you know what specialty you want to work in. Look for one that gives you mental and career challenges so you can stay as fresh as possible. If NICU is your passion, don’t start out on the Oncology floor, because the likelihood is that you’ll get bored pretty quickly. While you are still working on your nursing education, explore the different nursing programs and decide which one – or ones – you are most passionate about; then focus on them. At the same time, don’t allow yourself to stagnate. Look at the different specialties. When an opening comes up, if you qualify, apply for that position. Stretch professionally.

In nursing school, your instructors will tell you about burnout. How does this happen? When you allow your job to take over your life, you run the risk of burnout. Of course, nursing is a stressful career, but by proactively managing your working hours, you can be the one to manage your career, rather than the other way around.

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