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Big Brother...that's It, Just Big Brother

Posted on the 08 August 2013 by Kristy47 @watchingwaytoomuch

Big Brother...that's it, just Big Brother

The answer to Wednesday's Trivia Question: Jermaine Paul won The Voice 2012 FIRST FIVES: Mike O'Dea, Megan Quirk, Beth Hoff, Bill McLaughlin & Monica Caraffa

Honorable Mention: Rachel Snyder

Tuesdays Broadcast Top 5 

America's Got Talent-NBC 2.5/9.2
So You Think You Can Dance-FOX 1.3/4.0
Extreme Weight Loss-ABC 1.2/3.8
Hollywood Game Night-NBC 1.1/3.7
NCIS-CBS 1.0/5.8 Tuesday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5
America's Got Talent-NBC 91,848
So You Think You Can Dance-FOX 74,528
Santa Diabla-Telemundo 42,607
Extreme Weight Loss-ABC 30,916
Whose Line Is It Anyway?-CW 19,882

Tuesday's Cable Top 5
Spawn of Jaws-Discovery 1.3/2.7

I Escaped Jaws-Discovery 1.3/2.7
Legend Shelby Swamp Man-History 1.3/3.2
The Game-BET 1.2/2.5
Rizzoli & Isles-TNT 1.2/5.4 Tuesday's Cable Trendrr Top 5
Pretty Little Liars-ABC Family 425,733
Catfish: The TV Show-MTV 288,944
I Escaped Jaws-Discovery 112,611
Spawn of Jaws-Discovery 99,680
Return of Jaws: Sharktweeto-Discovery 77,988
No bullets tonight, just a few paragraphs on some of the houseguests: 

I'm a bit obsessed with Gina "Bee's Nest" Marie. I don't really like her, but I find myself drawn to her in an odd way. So, lets discuss her for a minute.  Her nomination speech was hilarious, as are her outfits, her neon pink platform pumps, and her obsession with Nick, the boy she spent 14 days with and believes is the one.  I love how she called up both nominees and referred to them as "sweetheart and then apologized for nominating them seconds after doing so. Interesting strategy that just might work for her.  Do you think she really wasn't sure that 48 hours was 2 days? I sorta think she might've needed confirmation on her guess, no way she could figure out that equation on her own.  Gotta give her credit, she actually seemed to enjoy her "cone of shame" punishment and as Helen described her, she's a rainbows and balloons type of girl. I just wish she could get the English language down a bit better, don't all of "yous"?  

McRanda may be a distant memory shortly.  McCrae and his McCrag are not happy with Amanda's behavior, her racist remarks and her need for constant attention. McRae's no dummy and sort of sees that his relationship with his woman is putting his game in jeopardy.  Who knew the pizza boy who makes $68 bucks a week would be one of the best players of the game this season. He wasn't shocked at all that the MVP nominated his Amanda, I think he was sort of relieved. 

Judd and I enjoyed the frog slinging POV competition and all the classic punishment prizes. Candice's clownitard, GM's cone of shame and the best of the best...Amanda's spray tanning insanity.  All...AWESOME.  Jessie took herself off the block and now we are left with Candice, Amanda and Spencer. My bet is that Candice will be around for the double eviction tomorrow night.  Amanda or Spencer will be gone first. Good thing too, I  think Candice would need extra time to pack an extra bag for her massive earring collection. Damn those things are huge!

One note: I don't watch the live feeds and don't normally read about them or comment on them, but I did read about Spencer and the very disturbing comments he made.  I'd rather not go into it in this blog. All I can say is that whoever cast the show really needs a new gig. Most of the cast this season isn't likable at all. Between the racism and now this new information about Spencer, I am so incredibly disgusted, but yes, I will continue to watch the show until the last houseguest is evicted and a winner is crowned. . I'm sick like that. 


-Look out Andy Cohen, Stephen Colbert and Conan , there's some new competition in town, granted it's only temporary, but Americans not only love Shark Week, now they also love Shark After Dark  the late night all chomper chat show on Discovery.   The show delivered 1.1 million viewers and beat all of it's talk show competitors across all demos at 11pm on Tuesday night. I gotta admit...I watched it Tuesday and forgot all about adding to the blog.  My bad, the show was  HILARIOUS. Why? Because Ian Ziering and his super dim witted Sharknado co-star, Tara Reid were on with host Josh Wolf. Ian, aka Steve Sanders, aka Fin Shephard was his super cool self, but check out what an idiot Tara Reid was in this clip:
-I had been reading that Two and a Half Men was going to add a cast member to play Charlie Harper's lesbian daughter, but I didn't know until now who will be playing her. Amber Tamblyn got the gig.  You remember her, name the Primetime TV Series she starred in from 2003-2005 for 5 bonus points.  

-I bet Brandi Glanville was freaking out last night after hearing that her ex, Eddie Cibrian and his skinny squinty eyed wife, country star, LeAnn Rimes just got their own reality show on VH1. Not sure of the title, but I'm hoping for something good like "The Home Wrecker and the Hunk" or "Cheater and Squinty." The show will air this Fall, gotta admit, I'll probably check it out. I know...I know, don't say it...no judging! 

-CMT announced some new shows yesterday, one of which is The Untitled Cassadee Pope Project that will feature the winner of The Voice, Season 3. The show will follow her as she continues on her journey to become a star. If she makes it, she'll be the first Voice winner to break out.  This show and a few others have been added to the premiere list on the right.  

-I never watch the Colbert Report, but when I heard that a certain FBFF of mine made a cameo on his show, I had to check it out, now you must also!  It's amazing.

-As you guys know, I'm not a big reader, who has the time really? Well, I plan on making time when Jason Priestly's 90210 memoir comes out. I'm sure it's not going to be for a while as he just made the deal with HarperCollins, but I think I'll be looking forward to this one more than the Rob Lowe book and I got through that one in a week.  Can't wait, get to work Jason!

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