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Big Brother is a Train Wreck This Season a TRAIN WRECK That I Won't Take My Eyes off Of.

Posted on the 03 July 2013 by Kristy47 @watchingwaytoomuch
Short week this week...WWTM is taking off for the 4th of July holiday just like most of you! Doesn't mean I may not get the urge to post something on Facebook or Twitter, but there won't be any blog posts until Monday. I'm still taking Trivia answers and submissions for Best Actress in a Drama, so please get those all in! Happy 4th peeps! 
Big Brother is a train wreck this season a TRAIN WRECK that I won't take my eyes off of.

The answer to Tuesday's Trivia Question: Bill Pullman NOT Bill Paxton starred as the President in Independence Day as well as in 1600 Penn FIRST FIVES: Mike O'Dea, Megan Quirk, Neil Strahl, Nancy Provod, & Elke Raskob Honorable Mention: Rachel Snyder
Sunday's Cable Top 5 BET Awards-BET 3.4/7.7
True Blood-HBO 2.2/3.9
Dexter Premiere-Showtime 1.2/2.4
Keeping Up With the Kardashians-E! 1.1/2.3
Falling Skies-TNT 1.1/3.2
Monday's Broadcast Top 5
Under the Dome-CBS 2.8/11.5 (Only down slightly, so we all stuck with it-including me)

The Bachelorette-ABC 1.8/6.2
American Ninja Warrior-NBC 1.7/4.9
The Big Bang Theory (R)-CBS 1.6/5.8
2 Broke Girls-CBS 1.2/4.9
Monday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5
The Bachelorette-ABC 142,216
Under the Dome-CBS 39,739
Mistresses-ABC 32,925
The Big Bang Theory-CBS 19,050
American Ninja Warrior-NBC 16,487
Monday's Cable Top 5 
Love & Hip Hop Atlanta-VH1 1.7/3.2
WWE-USA 1.3/4.0
Hit the Floor-VH1 1.1/2.1
Fast N Loud-Discovery 1.1/2.2
Real Housewives of the OC-Bravo 1.0/19 Monday's Cable Trendrr Top 5
Teen Wolf-MTV 337,684
Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta-VH1 259,999
WWE Monday Night Raw-USA 221,650
Hit the Floor-VH1 60,881
The Fosters-ABC Family 58,732
Big Brother
O...M...F...G...Whoever did the casting for BB this year had to be on crack or something. Where did they find such stupid, stupid people. How in the world does a person like David even exist in the world. He is truly one of the MOST ridiculous human beings I've ever been exposed to in my entire life. If he is as bad as I'm saying (and he is) then is Aaryn worse for adoring him so much? I just don't understand how these two made it to primetime TV.  David's hair and his hair moves, bug the sh*t out of me. He does nothing but surf, lives at home with his parents and has zero ambition at all. I was THRILLED to have him put up on the block as the third nominee and he was so stupid that he genuinely didn't even understand what was going on around him. It made me sick every time Aaryn (THE MOST ANNOYING WAY TO SPELL THAT NAME EVER) would talk about how hot David was. The guy can't spell ANY WORDS...none! That's the guy you want a future with? He can't SPELL ANYTHING AT ALL! I don't know about you, but my man needs to be able to spell. Next thing I need to discuss...McCrae. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU DUDE? He claims to be a superfan, but maybe those crazy bandanna's are screwing with his brain or something. Why in the world do you tell Elissa everything, then tell Amanda everything. You have watched ever episode right? What pathetic game play.  America...I'm pissed at you too!  How in the world does Elissa get BBMVP? What is that about? Sure I'm happy she's on the block and maybe the house will get rid of her, but it doesn't look that way right now. Elissa's super annoying AND thinks that potroasts is one word.  Again, did the casting director decide to find the stupidest people out there? Potroasts? Really?  OMG.  I was happy to see that the BBMVP can still go on the block and I also like the timing of when the 3rd nominee is announced, right before the veto competition. Speaking of the veto competition, who comes up with these things? Where do you even purchase massive quantities of honey like that? How does one clean all of that up? The cleaning crew must be miserable this season. Okay this is getting too long, my blood pressure is up and I need to calm down. What can a say? The season is a train wreck but like a good train wreck, I can't take my eyes off of it.
Under the Dome
Sometimes you really have to stick with a show and give it some time before you rule it out completely. Didn't you think that the second episode of Under the Dome was SO much better than the first episode?  Now I'm starting to care about the cast a bit. I was getting very anxious and thought Angie was going to break her ankle trying to escape from her underground prison. That dude Junior is a freak isn't he? Duke's dead and left his house to Linda but the reverend and Big Jim needed to get some secret documents out of the house before Linda moved in. The reverend of course wasted no time heading over to Dukes house, finding the documents and then accidentally set the place on fire. I wonder if Linda would have to pay inheritance tax on the house then? Hmmm not sure. Bummer for her.  Have a house Linda...psych, it's burnt to a crisp. Fires are bad in general but when they happen "under the dome" and the fire trucks are outside the dome, the only way to put the fire out is to form a human bucket brigade and then knock the house down with a bulldozer that JUST so happens to be right down the street. Gotta give Duke's neighbors some props for their teamwork,  I doubt my neighbors would help me, they barely know who I am.   The super smart kid figured out the approximate size of the dome and that it's sort of like a sieve, so water and I guess air can pass through it. Now we're getting somewhere. Do I LOVE Under the Dome...no, but it's definitely watchable and I'll probably stay with it at this point. Bonus Trivia Question. There are 2 people in Under the Dome that were in the Twilight movies can you tell me who they are? NO CHEATING!
I WON'T BE WATCHING THIS ONE AGAIN.  Look, you gotta remember that in the -drop the strangers in a foreign place and and see who survives category- Survivor is the best of the best. I'm a huge fan and I will forever compare any of these wannabe Survivor copycats to it.  I don't even know what category I would classify Siberia in. There's no way this is a true REALITY show. Sure they set us up to believe its real, but right away you get the feeling that the entire show is bullsh*t. It makes no sense at all. No rules, no games or competitions, nobody gets voted out? It all makes no sense. How in the world did Sabina beat everyone to the houses? No way the crew would set these people up intentionally in an unsafe environment, NO WAY the crew would stay in it after a cameraman supposedly get a severe unexplainable head wound and definitely no way the cast stays in this place after seeing the cameraman's head ripped apart and then hearing that one of their own was mysteriously killed? I'm not sure I even believed that these people were actually IN Siberia! It could have been any forest ANYWHERE.  It feels like a cross between The Blair Witch Project, Survivor, and Lost.  It's also creepy and scary and I don't do creepy and scary especially not in the Summer time when every things supposed to be fun and light! So...sorry NBC, no season pass for me on this one at all. I'm SO out! 

-I feel really REALLY guilty saying this because anyone that knows me and anyone that reads this blog, knows that I worship Howard Stern. I've been listening to him every day since 1988. I've been a loyal soldier, I've defended him to anyone and everyone. When I had a carpool, and our passenger wasn't a fan, I made her listen and converted her over to the Howard way of life.  I DO enjoy America's Got Talent when there's nothing better to watch, but when Howard Stern joins a conga line and dances the Samba on national TV, I have a hard time. That's not my Howard. It just isn't. I sort of throw up a little in my mouth and get angry. I'm shocked that after all this time he would compromise everything to be "America's Judge". It can't be about the money, it just can't. So is it about adoration? Mainstream adoration? Maybe. I never thought MY Howard needed that so desperately, but maybe he's getting soft in his old age. I don't know what it is Howard needs to be happy, but this new Howard isn't making me very happy at all.  


-For all of my Big Brother comrades, just some housekeeping...the eviction episodes move back to Thursday's starting next week. So BB will air Sunday's, Wednesday's and Thursday's.  If you are smart and technologically savvy, you have a season pass and don't need to worry about it, but since DVRing this show isn't the greatest idea in the world, I thought I'd remind you.

-I've added these to premieres the list to the right, but sometimes you guys can't access that via mobile so I wanted to let you all know that Sister Wives (one of my Mom's faves) returns to TLC on 7/21.  I never got into that one,  but I know if I was bored and there was a marathon, I'd be easily swayed,  especially since my Mom and sister both watch it and love it.

-Also returning is Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders: Making the Team. I've never seen this one. It will be back on CMT on 9/6 just in time for the NFL season!  I hate the Cowboys and I hate their cheerleaders but I totally respect those of you that are fans of both. 

-Falling Skies has been renewed for a 4th season...I know there's a bunch of fans out there. Nice to see Dr. Carter breaking out and succeeding in another type of role. Happy for Noah Wylie.   
Wednesday's Trivia Question: TV Movie: Behind the Candelabra/MOVIE: The American President. Name the Actor who was starred in both and for the bonus...give me the theme for the week.  

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