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Big Brother, Comedians in Cars & Lip Sync Battle

Posted on the 24 June 2016 by Kristy47 @watchingwaytoomuch

Trivia Answer: Ayyyy Caramba was made famous by Bart Simpson

First Fives: Ed Ziskind, Michael O'Dea, Michelle Katz, Bobby Aguilera & Michele Mullings

Honorable Mention: Caryn Vitolo

Wednesday's Broadcast Top 5
Big Brother-CBS 1.9/6.1 (down .3 from last year)
Masterchef-FOX 1.1/3.8
American Ninja Warrior-NBC 1.0/3.5
The Night Shift-NBC .9/4.3
Modern Family-ABC .9/3.4
Wednesday's Cable Top 5
Big Bang Theory-TBS .9/2.4
American Dad-Adult Swim .9/1.9
Despicable Me-Disney .6/2.3
Greenleaf-OWN .6/2.0
The Cleveland Show-Adult Swim .5/1.2  
Wednesday's Social Media Top 5
Big Brother-CBS 137,000 Tweets
Greenleaf-OWN 26,000 Tweets
CNN Town Hall-CNN 21,000 Tweets
At Midnight-Comedy Central 13,000 Tweets
Real Housewives of NYC-Bravo 11,000 Tweets   

Early Morning Ratings for the Week of 6/6/16-6/10/16
Today Show 1.4/1.6
GMA 1.3/1.5
CBS This AM .9/1.0
Listen First TVI Ratings for the Week of 6/13/16-6/19/16
Game of Thrones 5.5
Orange is the New Black 4.0
Preacher .82
Orphan Black .72
THE SHOWS Big Brother
  • Tiffany started the show off crying. Just like Vanessa! She looked JUST like her when she's cried alllll the time in her season. Propensity to cry must be in both of their DNA. 
  • Teary Tiffany told Da'vonne about her secret sibling even though Da totally figured it out
  • When Paul's hair isn't spiked he looks like a hasidic Jewish dude. Of course the tattoos would be a problem in the hasidic community but Paul could cover them up with one of those long coats
  • How does the BB floor get sticky day one?
  • It's making me nuts that Frank STILL doesn't look remotely familiar to me.
  • Do they have Victoria's Secret where Nicole, aka Outlet Snout, lives? There is a bra that will work for tank tops.
  • Cory has crazy eyes
  • Glenn has resting bitch face
  • Another note to the Survivor game makers...the coconut challenge is a good one.
  • Tiffany's an idiot for wearing a bandana the exact same way her sister wore it. 
  • Where is Paul getting the flowers for his hair?
  • Quite the photo finishhhhhhh between Crazy eyes Cory and RBF Glenn
  • We all felt sooooo bad that Glenn was first to be evicted 
  • Bronte needs to be shot
  • Nicole the Outlet Snout is our first HOH of the season. She played it brilliantly
  • What product does Paul use on his hair? It's quite amazing stuff whatever it is
  • Nicole and I busted James for his poor grammar at the exact same time...MOST LOYALIST...JINXXXXX Nicole
  • Nicole doesn't know the assume slogan, here is for the record Nicole. When you Assume you make an ASS out of U and ME
  • Did Victor take his shirt off and flip his hair on purpose when he was talking to OSN (Outlet Snout Nicole) or is that just the norm for him. 
  • The have not room is crazy this season...bumper cars?
  • Jozea's really calling himself the Messiah? Guess he doesn't have any self esteem issues.  
  • I forgot how annoying Da'vonne's constant finger pointing is. 
  • First two nominees of the Summer are: Paulie and Jozea. Cody must be freaking out tonight. 
Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee  
Very cool car and a very interesting interview with Margaret Cho. I had forgotten that she got into some major hot water at one of her gigs. Jerry totally hooked her up with his apology idea. I was intrigued by her fashion choice for her big appearance. Red boots, blue romper. Tattoos all over the place. Ehhhh not a good look, but Margaret Cho's not exactly a person that give as shi*t what anyone thinks. Watch this one til the very end.  http://comediansincarsgettingcoffee.com/margaret-cho-you-can-go-cho-again
Lip Sync Battle
I cannot stand, and yet I still thoroughly enjoy Lip Sync Battle.
Last night Chris D'elia and some guy I never heard of name Brent Morin performed. Apparently, Brent is Chris's co-star on Undateable which I've never watched.
Chris D'elia killed. No mic for both songs, had crazy dance moves and knew every word. Brent was terrible and yet...he won? WTF??? So random. Here are the clips I could find. If you watch the entire episode, Chris's rendition of "Cool For the Summer" is awesome. 
-3 Jimmy/James Late Night Clips JUST 4 U
Jimmy Kimmel's got the Dikembe Mutombo Song ttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZa0Xhx6Yso 
Jimmy Fallon claps like a crazy person during Will Forte & Jason Sudekis's "I Can't Fight This Feeling" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUGZWlygCIA
and James Corden played Target Practice with Luke Wilson, Liev Schreiber and GRONK!
-685 Big Brother After Dark is on the POP Network...I totally forgot that I HAVE THE POP NETWORK!!!! Channel 685 for anyone of you guys that has Cablevision! YEAH!!! Now do I sign up for CBS All Access or not? I never do and my To Do List is sooooo long. I just can't give in. Need to stay strong. 
-Andy Cohen loves award shows so much, he cameup with his own...The Bravos. Not sure what exactly they represent at this point, but I do know this. It's Bravo, it's Andy, it's an award show, Mariah Carey's getting some special award, it's on 7/20 at 10pm and yes, I'll be watching.
-All this time, I was feeling bad for Christian Slater thinking he really needs the work and really needs the money. I was thrilled when I read that his show,  Mr. Robot just got an additional 2 episodes added to their second season order bringing the total to 12. I thought Christian was living in a regular non-Hollywood mansion kind of place, but when I Googled him, it says he's worth $40MM bucks, so now, I don't feel bad for him at all.
-You know you're old when you get excited for the Kennedy Center Honors because people you love are the honorees. This year, Al Pacino, The Eagles, James Taylor, a pianist I never heard of name Martha Argerich and a gospel singer named Mavi Staples are all being honored. Huge Al Pacino fan, HUGE Eagles fan and of course HUGE James Taylor fan. Yes, I did consider going to OldCella for a split second...now I'm depressed.
-Wonder where Tyler Lautner's been? Me too...he's coming to the little screen in Season 2 of Scream Queens. Remember when we were all Team Jacob and Team Edward? Time flies. (I was Team Edward)
-Ne-Yo, Reba, George Lopez and Louis Tomlinson from 1D will guest judge next month on AGT. Still not watching. 
-When Nashville comes back for Season 5 on it's new home at CMT, Luke Wheeler and the super annoying Layla will not be back with it. Not the hugest news, they both really had no storyline left. I didn't love either one of them anyway, so the change is fine by me.   
Friday's Trivia Question: Here's a good one...who said "OMG, I think they killed Kenny...you bastards!
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Have a great weekend guys! 
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