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Beyond Forged in Fire: Morning Coffee with Doug Marcaida and More!

By Lizmckeown1955 @WritersBoost
Related imageDoug Marcaida is a judge on the popular History Channel series, Forged in Fire. He is a knife designer with his own martial arts school. Details can be found here: His website does include a blog.
In the martial arts world, Doug is known as "Kuya Doug". I emailed him and his definition of Kuya is: the Filipino Tagalog word for Older brother which is an affectionate way of showing respect. While Guro is the word for teacher and given as a rank in Filipino Martial Arts like Sensei or Sifu. I prefer to use a common term that one uses for family because I preffer to view training more like one would view a family. A community that comes together to share knowledge that goes both ways as opposed to the stricter classical linear way of Teacher and student. In my preferred way of teaching, Both are simultaneously teaching and learning from each other as they go. I'm not into the use of Ranks or titles. I find that these tend to separate rather than invite people because ranks seem to become a hierarchy and some are are higher up to be considered within reach because of their "lower" ranks. See the terms here Higher or lower tends to separate or seem intimidating. So It doesn't matter to me. I give and expect mutual respect for the art anf the knowledge shared with one a another. Inclusive rather than exclusive and it begins with how we view each other and call one another.  
In preparation for this blog spot, I read an interview of Doug
What touched me the most was one of Doug's answers: "because in the end, the methodology and training process is to be able to realize and use what is to me the only weapon: your mind".
Since so much of Doug's accomplishments have already been covered in other interviews/articles, I want to focus on the above quote.The mind is really the most powerful tool you have. It can change the direction of your life for better or for worse with just a decision.You can initially dislike a person, then get acquainted and change your mind. 
Doug discusses labels and profiling in his most recent vlog Morning Coffee with Doug Marcaida.
He has serious, inspirational and sometimes funny videos, even one where he runs out of coffee and has tea instead!
Being involved in some creative process can give your mind a workout. In his March 2017 video, Doug discusses the creative process of knife design:

Doug has a station on You Tube which includes Morning Coffee episodes along with videos on knife design and martial arts: you can enjoy Forged in Fire streaming here:

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