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Beware, Trojan Ready to Attack the iPhone and iPad

Posted on the 17 May 2012 by Hpmurah2u @hpmurah2u
Beware, Trojan Ready to Attack the iPhone and iPad After successfully breaking into the iMac, Trojan Flasback have a new target. Next target is the iPhone and iPadNikolay Grebennikov as CTO Kaspersky believes that Apple has not been serious about security. Nikolai also assess if Apple's response to the threat of malware is very late. It was made ​​by Nikolai after the Kaspersky do a thorough analysis of Mac OS X. Kaspersky Lab found that the security of Mac OS operating systems most vulnerable to attack by cyber criminals and trojans. 
fact of the results of this analysis there are other things acquired by Nikolai. Targeted Trojan attacks Flasback next is IOS. This means that iPhone and iPad infiltrated by malware threat. Learning from experience, trojan that attacks the iPhone and the iPad will appear in the near future. In our opinion, the IOS will begin to get a trojan attack within the next year, said Nikolai. Just info, recent operating system Mac OS successfully infiltrated Trojan Flashback. 
Trojan is successfully infect hundreds of thousands of Mac computers and gave a profit of about Rp 90 million per day for the manufacturer. The Apple itself has issued a Java update for Mac OS X which can be downloaded to expel the Trojans. Well, hopefully Apple will quickly respond to warnings from Kaspersky Lab to prevent the Trojans go into the IOS.

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