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Better Things, Lip Sync Battle, Big Brother and More

Posted on the 12 September 2016 by Kristy47 @watchingwaytoomuch
September 12, 2016

Trivia Answer: Last week's them was FALL. Get it??? 

Bonus Video Trivia Answer: The doctors in the Cigna commercial were from the following primetime shows: Noah Wylie - ER, Patrick Dempsey-Grey's Anatomy, Alan Alda-Mash, Melina Kanakarides-House & Donald Faison-Scrubs 
First Four: Eric Schwartz, Michele Mullings, Dan Realson & Chuck Chiocco
THE NUMBERS Thursday's Broadcast Top 5
NFL Football-NBC 8.5/23.3
NFL Kickoff Special-NBC 5.4/15.5
Big Brother-CBS 1.7/5.5
Big Bang Theory-CBS 1.2/6.4
Life in Pieces-CBS .8/4.2
Thursday's Cable Top 5
American Dad-Adult Swim .7/1.4
Flip or Flop-HGTV .6/2.5
Bob's Burgers-Adult Swim .5/1.1
60 Days In-A&E .5/1.1
Big Bang Theory-TBS .5/1.1
Thursday's Social Media Top 5
Big Brother-CBS 225,000 Interactions
Tonight Show-NBC 58,000 Interactions
RuPaul's All Star Drag Race-Logo 45,000 Interactions
Finding Prince Charming-Logo 27,000 Interactions
Rachel Maddow Show-MSNBC 24,000 Interactions
Late Night Ratings for the Week of 8/29/16- 9/2/16
Seth .4/1.4
Colbert .3/2.1
James Corden .2/1.1
Carson .2/.8
Conan .2/.6
Larry .2/.5
Congratulations to Stan Wawrinka on a huge US Open win! Pretty good tennis! My Jets lost, my Yankees lost but the Giants did pull out a win. Reading of the names on 9/11 always tough. Quite the Sunday...
Better Things 
If you don't watch Louis CK's show, Louie, you might not know who Pamela Adlon is. You might recognize her voice from King of the Hill, Bob's Burgers, Phineas and Ferb and a bunch more. Finally, the woman's got her own show and I LOVE it. Better Things reminds me a little bit of Louis CK's show. He's a single dad with 2 daughters, working as a comedian. She's a single mom with 3 daughters working as an actress. The weird thing is, I don't love Louis's show but I think I might love Pamela's show. Maybe she's just more relatable? Or maybe she doesn't seem as pathetic as Louis? Check it out and let me know what you think. 

Masters of Sex
I know after last season, I said I was giving up Masters of Sex, but Showtime had the Season 4 premiere episode available early so I decided to check it out JUST to be sure. Here's the thing...once Ray Donovan and Big Brother end, I could actually have some room on Sunday nights. The premiere episode was pretty boring. Bill's a mess, Virginia's a mess and Betty's the only one doing any work. Libby's angry and trying to find her way in the world without Bill by hangin out with man-hating bra burners. There were 2 interesting things about this episode. 1) The guy with the high heel shoe fetish and 2) Hugh Hefner. Hope they both stick around for awhile. The sex is still missing which is why I was going to give the show up in the first place. I haven't made my final decision yet, it's all going to come down to sex, scheduling and football. 

Big Brother

  • Glad to see Cory and Snoutlet thinking correctly...if they want a shot at winning...they gotta get rid of Paul or Victor
  • Editor made 10 minutes of the butter slide comp seem like 10 hours
  • I love watching people fall...so does Victor.
  • APAULO Ono??? lame Victor, lame
  • Looked like Paul was pooping butter
  • Cory won HOH which could be good for James
  • James is missing Natalie. At least he has her flip flops to snuggle up to
  • Cory put salt in Snoutlet's water and she ended up spitting it all over him. Bad plan
  • Cory loves T Swift...awwww he wants to me a member of her squad . Pretty sure its girls only, Cory
  • Victor has a funny way of flirting with Nicole...spitballs to the glasses?
  • The BB house makes people do weird things like making a Snoutlet sandwich between Cory and Victor
  • Cory stayed up all night and cleaned the entire house like a crazy person just to keep the voices inside his head at bay. The question is: Did anyone notice?
  • It really annoys me that Snoutlet's eyebrows peak above her glasses
  • I like what Cory said "I'm playing Big Brother, not Big Baby"
  • Cory actually grew a pair of balls and put Paul and Victor up because as he so eloquently put it "Mama didn't raise no bitch" Great game play. Making a big move when a big move is needed could win this idiot the game.

Lip Sync Battle Live
There was a live Lip Sync Battle last night. I was pretty excited by the entire thing. 4 celebs perform one song each and America votes. Just like most of our elections though, this contest was also rigged. There's no way America voted for Michael Phelps. No offense, but for a guy who listens to music so intensely on his big headphones, you'd think he'd be able to actually lip sync to the song of his choice. Maybe it's the speech impediment or something but the guy should NOT have won the belt. Olivia Munn or John Legend should have taken the title, they were SO much better than Terry Crews or Phelps. Olivia Munn had Olympic gymnasts, John Legend had Stevie Wonder. Liked the new format, but hated the voting because I thought it was total BS! 
Check out the performances:  
Terry Crews "Fight the Power" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFdmCi7Cais
Olivia Munn "Have Fun Tonight" http://www.spike.com/video-clips/cno0fc/lip-sync-battle-olivia-munn-loves-cheap-thrills
John Legend "Hey Ya" with Stevie Wonder-Can't find this clip and he was better than Terry and Michael!
Michael Phelps "Lose Yourself" http://www.etonline.com/tv/197725_michael_phelps_simone_biles_and_aly_raisman_make_lip_sync_battle_s_live_all_star_show_a_rio_reunion/
-Denis Leary was really mean to me once. Karma's a bitch. His FX show,  Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll was canceled after Season 2. Bummer Denis. 

-I have nothing at all against any of the women of Mistresses so I'm sorry their show was canceled even though I never watched it. 

-I was truly shocked to read that Hell's Kitchen was renewed for its 18th season. 18 seasons!!! Who knew? 
-The Creative Arts Emmy's were given out over the weekend. Peter Scolari, who was actually a replacement nominee, won for Best Guest Actor for Girls. The People vs. OJ won a bunch, Game of Thrones won a bunch, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler won for hosting SNL and James Corden won. Here's the full list of winners: https://www.yahoo.com/tv/2016-creative-arts-emmy-awards-complete-winners-list-022643387.html

Monday's Trivia Question: Before Kelly, Michael Strahan gave primetime sitcoms a shot. What was the name of the sitcom that he starred in for 1 season? 
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