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Best Ways to Manage Light Bladder Leakage

Posted on the 28 March 2013 by Np23 @Nancy_JHS

Do you leak urine while you cough or sneeze? You could be experiencing light bladder leakage, which affects one in three women. However, that’s no reason to let little leaks stop you from doing the things you love. Here are three ways to help you manage light bladder leakage:

  1. Stay dry and protected with incontinence pads.
    Poise Hourglass Pads

    If you’ve been using menstrual pads to manage leaks, it’s time for a change. Unlike sanitary pads, incontinence pads are actually designed to effectively absorb urine. These bladder control pads are thin and absorbent enough so that you stay discreet and protected from those unsuspecting bladder leaks. Many women prefer Poise pads due to its contoured shape and urine odor control.

  2. Rebuild your pelvic floor with kegels.

    Kegels, or pelvic floor exercises, are one of the most effective behavioral treatments for light bladder leakage. These exercises work to strengthen your pubococcygeus (PC) muscles, which help control the flow of urine. If done correctly and consistently, kegel exercises can effectively decrease stress incontinence episodes and help you regain control over your bladder. For help on performing these pelvic strengthening exercises, ask your doctor or a pelvic floor therapist.

  3. Maintain a healthy weight.

    Light bladder leakage occurs when pressure is put on the bladder. By losing excess weight on your body, you can take some of that stress off your bladder and decrease urinary leaks. Maintain a healthy diet and try to exercise for at least 30 minutes every day.

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