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Best Stopover Places in San Francisco While with Kids

By Simon Hales @itertrav

While on visit to United States with kids, create some time to stopover at San Francisco and you will never regret about it. Located in North California, San Francisco is a leading cultural and commercial center of San Francisco County. Whether in the city for first time or subsequent visits, then kids will have endless fun during their stay. To aid your stopover with the kids you need to apply for the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) in advance.

Among the leading stopover locations in San Francisco best for kids include:

Golden Gate Bridge
- Completed in 1937 after seven years of construction, the bridge is one of the most recognized land marks in San Francisco. It connects San Francisco and Marin County. The red – orange color and architectural design of the bridge creates a beautiful scene.
- Walking or biking across the 1.7 mile bridge with the kids is a fun activity. They will get to enjoy the design of the bridge and the beautiful surrounding.

Alcatraz Island:
- Also known as The Rock, the island was used as a military fortification and a prison to the most wanted criminals. It was believed that the notorious criminals could not escape from the isolated prison on the island. It houses historical prison and a military watch tower managed by the National Park Service.
- Accessing the island through a ferry will offer a memorable experience for the kids. While on the island kids will learn more about the historical criminals and view the ancient buildings.

Fisherman’s Wharf:
- The wharf extends from Pier 39 region to Aquatic Park. It holds a range of tourist attraction spots and activities which include; restaurants, maritime views, special shops historical buildings and stores.
- A visit to the site by kids will offer them an opportunity to taste a range of marine dishes, have a view to the marine species, enjoy shopping, take part in fishing and enjoy street entertainment

Golden Gate Park:
- Located in the neighborhood of San Francisco the park is the largest urban park in US. It extends to an area of 1,017 acres and houses a range of attractive scenes.
- On visiting Golden Gate Park you and the kids will get to visit the Japanese Tea Garden full of a wide range of plant species and flowers, enjoy boat riding on the lake and experience a memorable picnic at the park serene environment.

Transamerica Pyramid:
- Designed by William Pereira, the pyramid is the tallest structure in San Francisco rising to a height of 260 meters. Located at the heart of San Francisco the building lights the streets at night.
- Climbing to the top of the building is fun, while at the top of the skyscraper the kids will be able to have an aerial view of the whole city and enjoy an amazing light glare at night.

A stopover in San Francisco with the kids will offer them a chance to learn more and experience memorable land mark structures. It is probably the best way to show the kids that you love them. Apply for esta today and let the kids experience a lifetime stopover at Francisco.

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