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Best On-line Jobs For Testing and QA

Posted on the 16 February 2017 by Nick Creighton @starshomejob

A quick Google search for " testing and QA jobs online " will throw up tons of results, revealing just how many companies outsource such jobs to freelancers and pay good money for it.

These jobs range from manual software testing for mobile applications, websites and video games, to automation testing and more. If you're interested in doing your bit to improve quality of software and getting paid for it, check out the best on-line jobs for testing and QA.

Who Can Apply?

Many of these jobs require knowledge and skills like website or software testing, reporting, and maybe some experience with web automation testing, agile methodologies etc. But you don't need years of IT testing experience for all jobs. The demands of each job differ from the next.

Home-based QA jobs in particular are easy to prepare for. Just take an online Software and QA Testing course or short training and you'll be ready. These courses typically teach you QA methods in a group setup or on a one-on-one basis. Training meant for newbies and non-IT students can prepare anyone without a background in IT for such jobs.

The great thing about testing and QA jobs is that you can earn extra money on weekends or at home, after work. Flexible training for busy professionals will help you pick up testing skills or polish any skills that you already have.

Some jobs come from companies that want to simulate customer experience before they get a website or app live.

The Market for QA and Testing

With new technologies, transitions to digital and demands for software and applications, businesses and tech companies are constantly innovating. With innovation and transformation comes the need for constant testing. Businesses that are transforming need testers for quality assurance compliance.

Software testing is big at the moment. Also, it's quickly moving from being focused on products to being focused on customers. Recently, there has been a lot of focus on security testing, cloud testing, telemetrics, big data, digital commerce testing, IoT and infrastructure testing among others.

NASSCOM estimates the global software testing industry will reach $50 billion by 2020. Clearly, there is a huge market for testers. A lot of testing is being outsourced to freelancers online too. Freelance software testers have plenty of jobs waiting for them in a market that is crowded, but constantly growing and likely to grow for some time.

There are a few well-known websites and companies that pay you to test software, websites and applications. There are some that require beta testers for new systems, games etc.

Best On-line Jobs for Testing and QA

Generally, if you're a home-based software tester, you'll be expected to:

Test software, websites, mobile applications, video games etc. Find issues in the above Identify the source of the issues Deliver a clear list of these issues within a deadline.

For simple home-based participation in consumer research by companies, you need nothing but a digital device and access to the internet. In these jobs, companies expect you to behave as consumers in their own environment.

Here's a look at some of the companies that will pay you for testing and QA jobs that don't require special knowledge.

Enroll is a website where anyone can take quick tests for apps or websites, to help companies improve customer experience. Tests can range from picking the best logo to completing some tasks that help the company gauge if the user interaction makes sense.

The website lets you take these tests online via your tabs, smartphones or laptops, so there is the advantage of mobility. You can earn badges as you take tests and get paid via PayPal. Over a 100,000 tests have been taken on Enroll so far.

This website pays you $23 to write and upload reviews. You can write reviews of websites whenever you have the time. Typical websites you could find yourself reviewing range from Amazon to Mamas&Papas to Red Bull and others. What's attractive about the website is that you don't need special skills to complete the reviews. A simple review that could take you less than half an hour can make you twice the minimum wage, no matter your profile. Students, stay-at-home moms, and anyone else who wants to earn a little extra cash can check out

UserTesting pays you $10 via PayPal to complete simple 20 minute tests. The tests involve a recording and some answers to questions. You get paid on a daily basis for tasks completed a week earlier. You need to complete a sample test, and if it's approved, you will receive emails about upcoming tests. Tests are posted on a regular basis.

For skill-specific jobs on software and QA testing, you can look up portals like Freelancer and . Good luck.

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