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Best Hijab Trends For 2014

By Mahnoor Malik @MahnoorMalik90

The start of a New Year always brings about some changes in the fashion scene as well. It is a good idea to get a good start for the New Year by going through your wardrobe and getting some new items. Refreshing your look with some of the latest trends can really kick-start your year. To help you look great in 2014 here are the biggest hijab trends of the year. These trend could be good with women dresses.

Silk Is In Fashion

If there is one material this year that is a really trendy option to go with that has to be silk. Silk is really visible in all sorts of clothing this season and this includes hijabs.

Best Hijab Trends For 2014

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Especially for more formal occasions it is a good idea to opt for some silky hijabs. This will guarantee you have a trendy and polished look.

Simple Designs

2014 doesn’t bring a lot of patterns for hijabs. There are some but in general the trend this year is that of simple single coloured hijabs. This is not bad at all and provides you with a lot of options to play with the rest of your clothing more.

simple single coloured hijabs

If you do want to go with some pattern designs then keep them simple as well. Different geometric hijab designs work really well and can add a bit of a change to your look. Keep the shapes simple and big.

Black Is Back

Black is a really trendy hijab color in 2014. This is also very good news since black is such a versatile color and you can match it with so many other fashion pieces. It can really guarantee you have a nice finished look and it is a perfect hijab color for a professional work look.

Black Hijab

The overall color scheme for 2014 does have a lot of different nice bright colours included as well so always combine the black hijab with some more playful colours. For instance, green is a good color this year.

Different Shades Of Grey And Blue

For the other trend colours for this year you should definitely go with some gray and blue with your hijab. There are many different shades out there in different hijab lines when it comes to these two colours. Look for inspiration from the affordable hijabs at Aab Collection, for instance.

Grey And Blue hijabs

Grey and blue can also both work really well as part of a professional look. You can combine them with colours such as brown, red and even green and create nice subtle color combinations.

Decorative Headbands

There are also plenty of very decorative headbands included in hijabs in 2014. This makes hijabs really fashionable and they really act as an accessory. For example, the hijabs at the Jakarta fashion show included very elaborative decorative elements. You can view them in this Aquila Style’s article.

Headbands Hijab

You can naturally even include your own headband onto your hijab by using a necklace this way, for instance. This makes a really unique and funky party look.

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The above trends are the biggest things to go for with your hijab style in 2014. They offer a lot of nice options for all tastes and can guarantee you have a nice look for both professional and personal purposes.

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