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Best Disclosures Hotel Porter in the World

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Best disclosures hotel porter in the world

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A backup job which always surprises, so the man describes his work this year named the best hotel porter in the world of hotel, in a competition organized by British Airways. Among the strangest things that had to make Michael Wigman, who currently works for a luxury hotel in Amsterdam, Netherlands, listed procuring sperm sample, along with other services dirty.

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Michael Wigman, aged 50 years, was recently named the best goalkeeper in the world of hotel (concierge) career in the field began in 1988. Over time he learned not to be surprised or shocked to note before applications often bizarre, exclusive to hotel guests coming from where she worked. He currently works for The Dylan Amsterdam, and is happy that he managed to blow the title this year at the Hyatt Times Square in New York, USA. In an interview with the Daily Mail, Wigman revealed some of the most interesting and shocking moments occurred at work. The weirdest request came from a wealthy farmer from Argentina, who wanted a sample of sperm produced by the bull Herman, the world’s first genetically modified bovine. “It was a crazy request, I’ve never encountered anything like this ever. I had to give dozens of phone calls and activate my contacts to get sperm fail to do. If I remember exactly, semen sample cost $ 10,000, “he told Wigman. On another occasion, a guest faithful asked him to buy a Hermes Birkin handbag very expensive, limited edition, which was not found in Paris, but exist in Amsterdam. I was told that it must be sent a limousine to the store, and the bag was then delivered to Paris with the driver, because nothing will happen precious cargo.

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The strangest and emotional exhaustion he saw it was suicide Herman Brood Dutch rock star who jumped from the roof of the Amsterdam Hilton hotel, where Wigman work in 2001. “I remember when I was in front of the hotel heard a strong thud. I thought it was a car accident, but then came my colleagues and they told me that it takes me to the roof. Then I went and I saw barely there, on down, lifeless. ” Among the strangest requests from a guest was also the one coming from a very elegant and sophisticated lady. “He called me to her room because he needed help. The lady who was very stylish, asked me if I could get some kind of special films. The films had demanded proved quite extreme even for a Dutch erotic tastes, not just obedient. We managed to get them, but it certainly was not prepared to see it, “he recalled amused.

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