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Berry Berry Bo-berry

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

Hi guys! I have some tasty looking Chinese food on my camera waiting to be posted.

but before we get to all that I had a snack.



I can definitely feel that I’m detoxing off a lot of processed foods and sugar. I felt really fatigued and zoney yesterday afternoon. But my body is used to blood sugar spikes from crackers, chips & cookies. By mid afternoon yesterday all of that was 9 ways of out of my system. I’m not too worried about feeling this way. If it continues through the week I’ll definitely have to reevaluate my new eating choices but for right now I’m feeling great about it. Plus, my tummy and intestines haven’t felt better in months!


I’m one happy California Girl, that’s for sure.

All that yummy Chinese Food Dinner


Max likes to spoil me with date nights…


We went to the Eagle, which is a local Chinese restaurant right off of Downtown. I think it’s the best in the city.

We both shared this massive bowl of hot & sour soup which ended up equaling 2 of the little individual soup bowls each.


Spicy Chicken and Vegetables!

This was so good. We split the entire entree plate which was perfect. The Eagle’s entree’s aren’t super duper big like most Chinese Places.

After dinner I had an iced green tea sweetened with stevia and a Vanilla Spiru-Tein protein shake mixed with water. I like that this protein powder has 100% of all the vitamins and minerals recommended and I want to make sure I’m getting all of those, especially while cleaning up my diet.


I skipped the gym. I had a 30 minute run on the treadmill planned as the start of my SunRiver 1/2 Marathon training plan but I didn’t want to risk upsetting my newly happy stomach and I was so mellow from my neutralized blood sugar levels that I figured I’d skip it and hope I have a little more energy today.

So far I do! But… we’ll see once I get 7 hours of work in. I might be kaput on the sofa by 4pm again.


Remember yesterday when I wrote a tweet that said I really want a delicious strawberry!? Well, if not then I’m letting you know I did.



I fulfilled my strawberry craving this morning with a side of French Vanilla and Colombia roast mixture coffee. I’ve decided that berries and coffee taste yummy together.



The real fruit loops!



tell me about you!!! i want to know…

what is your favorite berry?

what did you have for breakfast this morning… or dinner last night?

what is your favorite harry potter movie of all of them? and which is your favorite book?
I really liked the deathly hallow’s part 1 movie and my favorite book was the prisoner from azkaban.

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