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Bento & Tabata

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

Wow… so my blog has been “down” since yesterday afternoon. Nothing new could go up. No comments, no posts, no page edits. There was a lot of this… and this…

photo (10)
photo (11)

really scary messages and sad frowny faces.

Last night I whipped together a few ingredients in a jar that probably included some oats for this morning. We all know what that means…





Last night I threw 1/2 cup almond milk yogurt, 1/4 cup old fashioned oats, 2 tsp chia seeds, a handful raspberries, and 1 packet stevia into this Kerr jar, mixed and let it sit in the fridge all night.



Instant breakfast.


I think my OIAJ was about ~250 calories. And it is Friday so I treated myself to some Pikes Place with soy. Another 50 calories.

photo (9)

You all had such great insight into my weight loss and a lot of you recommended making sure I’m getting enough calories. I totally agree and had already started thinking that.

I’m counting my daily calories, roughly. I’m not looking up everything I eat and keeping a log on my iPhone or anything. I’m just mentally tallying them. So just letting you know, you’ll start to see some rough calorie estimations after most of my meals.

I think counting calories is a really smart thing to do. It helps with portions and I know it helps me get enough food throughout the day. I’m working out a lot!!

Now that we covered all of that. Here’s what I did last night…

Lunch, Dinner, Fitness, and Max! (I wrote this last night)

I text messaged Max this afternoon while I was day dreaming about dinner at work… This is what he said:


This is why I LOVE him! You rock, babe.

Would you believe me if I told that I hadn’t had Mexican Food in over a week???


photo (5)

I realized this and had to rectify the problem. I mean, really? An entire week?! Who am I?

For lunch we went to Michaels. I downed 4 chips with salsa and I ordered the blackened shrimp tostada platter with rice and guacamole. I gotta get those healthy fats.


photo (4)

I surprised myself by only eating 4 chips. I’m such a healthy beast these days.



photo (2)
photo (8)

I added 1 serving of dark chocolate (220 cal) to my daily healthy guidelines… will you still like me? I can totally write an entire 1000 words on how chocolate is good for people! You will be convinced.


I also had one of my servings of green tea sweetened with stevia. Ohh so tasty and refreshing. I don’t know how I wasn’t a green tea drinker before clean eating.


I felt so energized to get my fitness in the morning. I was looking forward to it and everything. But then 3pm rolled around and I did not feel like getting my sweat on at all. Luckily, I have some twitter friends that helped me with that one. I went home. Put on my running shoes and hit the pavement to get my 4th day of Streaking completed.

photo (1)

I ran 2 miles at a really easy pace… probably 11 minute miles. There is a road that runs the entire length of my neighborhood about a block from my house. It’s exactly 1 mile long so I ran it out and back.

Then I decided to do a Tabata workout on my Free ONDemand channel.


I’ve never done one before, but I’d seen them mentioned all over the place. It’s a combination of high intensity intervals with rest periods in between. I decided to start out with a quick 20 minute session to test it out. I didn’t want to bite off more than I can chew.

Here is the workout… I really liked it!

  • 2 minute warm up
  • 20 seconds mountain climbers with 10 seconds rest in between x4
  • 20 seconds squat jumps with 10 seconds rest in between x4
  • 20 seconds scissor lunges with 10 seconds rest in between x4
  • 20 seconds speed bag arms with 10 seconds rest in between x4
  • 20 seconds burpees with 10 seconds rest in between x4
  • 20 seconds ski jumps with 10 seconds rest in between x4
  • 2 minute cool down

I was sweating like a whore in church!!!


Max took me on a date night because we both didn’t feel like cooking (again, love him!).


We went to a little local Japanese restaurant called Shogun.


We both ordered water and I had this cute little cup of green tea. Final serving accomplished!

On a side note, drinking hot beverages like tea and hot magic lemon water is really helping my stomach and intestines get happy. It seems like I’m slurping hot tea all day long sometimes, but it’s so relaxing and worth it.

Anyways, Max and I both went to Shogun planning on ordering “boxes”. These amazing dinners with a bunch of little things to try. We both had the veggie version called the Oda.


We started with miso soup and a little side salad with a sesame vinaigrette dressing.


Miso is a natural probiotic food so I was 9 ways of excited for that.


We also decided to do something fun and adventurous. We ordered something very Japanese(ey) sounding for an appetizer, without knowing what it was.



Tofu Agadashi! It turned out to be a deep fried tofu with mushroom shavings and ginger. It also had a really yummy sauce to dip in.


Aren’t these boxes fun??





Everything looked so tasty I had to take a million pictures.


The veggie one comes with bean sprouts and broccoli with a sweet white sauce, Tofu and grilled mushrooms, cucumber roll, and veggie tempura.

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