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Benefits of Social Media Magic

Posted on the 07 February 2013 by Swoopadmin @SwoopStudios

Harness the Impressive Benefits of Social Media Magic

Social media has provided a revolutionary way of marketing today. Businesses which are not following this marketing technique are missing out on game changing results. According to a recent social media marketing report, more than 75% of marketers saw improved traffic with just a few hours invested per day in social media. And business experts are of the view that in coming years, this strategy will be a top priority for all business owners if they want to compete in their field. However, this marketing strategy can only work if it is smartly implemented. Many people avoid this media as they do not know how to efficiently use it in order to make it fruitful for them.

Here are 6 important steps to help you implement your social media marketing plan:-

Step 1: Understand and Discover What Social Media Is

The most important thing, firstly, is to understand what social media is. Find out as much as you can about the tools and the techniques that can be used to benefit you the most.

Step 2: Analyse Your Community

Before implementing any strategy, you have to be clear about who are you targeting. It is very important to improvise your marketing methodologies to reach out to only the people you want to reach.

Step 3: Determine Your Goal

Prior to planning out the details of your prospective social media marketing strategy, it’s essential that you take the time to plan out a number of quantifiable goals that will be used to ensure that your promotion is on the right track.  Jumping into social media marketing without an end result in mind will only result in wasted time and effort on your part.

Step 4: Plan Outreach & Engagement Strategies

When implementing outreach marketing in social media, social media monitoring tools can be very supportive. Defining your target audience and keywords is the most important thing. But targeting your audience with the right keywords is half the battle; after that it you have to find an effective strategy for engaging each user.

Step 5: Metrics & Measurement

It is vital to understand the way to measure the impact of marketing on your business. You can measure  people’s awareness about your brand, when  people see content associated with your page online, “like” it or view and share your links. You can measure your effectiveness by considering important metrics such as the level on engagement, number of shares, number of conversations taking place about your brand, and other metrics which you choose to measure.

Step 6: Implementation & Training

After finalising all the plans and strategies, implementation has to be done with your allotted budget and resources in mind – this is important to assure success of the strategy and yielding impressive outcomes.

You can therefore say that with the help of social media you will be able to see the difference in your business, connect on a more personal level with your clients, and come up with fresh and innovative ideas. So focus on social media and give your business a new edge.

By John Humphrey


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