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Beneath the Shadows the Soul Walks

By Phoenixwriter @naesnest

Beneath the Shadows the Soul Walks

Beneath the Shadows the Soul Walks

A place between life and death, sleep and wakefulness, a thin veil hangs like a curtain, transparent in the shadows, translucent in light

This is where the spirit walks. All is soundless, There is no breeze in the air, yet a draft can be heard. We are in between time. In between the tic of the clock. In a blink it is gone, so easy it is to miss.

A second within a moment. This is when the voice of the Divine can be heard. This is when the soul-walks.

I taste the forbidden fruit offered before me. The only time it is OK to eat.

With the vibration, my soul is propelled, across a golden ocean, leaving all care behind. I feel my body grow stronger,though I know not where it is, as I left it behind.

Guided toward a star. The star of my birth. It is here I am rejuvenated   A healing of the soul. A feeding of the mind. In between thought and thinking, all of life’s stories coming alive.  I see Moses with the commandments.  I see Isis nursing her babe.  I see crossroads and  the place of records I am able to read with my mind. All life’s mysteries I behold. All centuries replay before me, my past life or past time? Just on the verge of the answer, I am washed away with the tide.

It seems a lifetime has past, in the place between shadows and light, Left to wonder if I shall return, anxious to see the Greek Gods. Slowly, I am returned. The vibrations pull in my soul. Within the shell of my body. My vehicle here on Earth. Holding on to the lessons of life, gradually, I awake. A new person with an old soul.

Renee Robinson

Beneath the Shadows the Soul Walks

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