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Being Market Savvy in Peru

By Naturegirl321 @SharonTEFLTips

Being Market Savvy in Peru


I wrote about markets in Lima as well as shopping in Peru and while markets are great, you have to be careful. There are 3 things that you need to watch when shopping in markets in Peru.
  1. No guarantees: many times guarantees will not come with the products you buy.
  2. Bait and switch: check your bag and make sure you've been given what you've paid for.
  3. Quality: might not be the best.

Shopping in markets can be a fun experience. These 3 tips will help you make the most of your shopping experience.
  1. Get recommendations: ask friends which sellers are good and which ones should be avoided.
  2. Pricing: be wary of pricing, especially sellers who drop their prices drastically.
  3. Trust your instinct: it's usually right.

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