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Beginner Blogger: “Idea Smush”

By Balancingonhoney @balancinghoney

This morning when I went for a chilly (34 degree, to cold for me!) 3.5 mile jog, I listened to a couple Blogging Your Passion Podcasts. The hosts Jonathon and Bob share tips and information for both beginners and experienced bloggers.

You can find the Discovering Your Passion Podcasts’ HERE. The two that I listened to are called Discovering Your Passion- Part 1 and Part 2. Discovering my passion is a very interesting topic to me in itself because I believe my passions fuel my purpose. If you read my blog you might be able to tell that I am all about purpose!

“Idea Smush”

When I started my blog, I worried that I would cover too many of my interests to effectively reach a target audience. Sticking to just one main topic seemed stifling for me, especially since I am interested in SO much. Without any formal blogging knowledge I decided to just roll with all my interests and see if I could tie them together to fit me. Little did I know, according to Jonathon, this topic clumping method could actually be a growing trend in blogging that he termed “Idea Smush.”

My definition of “Idea Smush”: Choosing several different topics to write about and fitting them together with one central theme, or consistent voice.

The point is that it is OK to have unrelated topics as long as they are tied together with one main focus. A new blogger that I follow at One Sweet Heart does this extremely well. She blogs about her favorite books, recipes, and her journey to getting a new heart. Every single word is weaved together by Jesus.

Another great example comes from a very successful blogger named Katy Widrick. She maintains a well rounded lifestyle blog and writes about health, fitness, travel, and all things media.

Discovering Your Passion

One way Jonathon and Bob suggest discovering your passion is by asking yourself, “if you walk into a book store what section would you gravitate toward.” That advice makes complete sense to me! Typically, I head for the cooking/health, self help, and christian sections, and my blog shares recipes, workouts, personal growth, and my walk with Jesus. Living a healthy life physically, mentally, and spiritually is all about balance for me, so that is where my focus lies in Balancing on Honey.

Blogger’s Tips and Other Resources I Use:

  • Blogging at Peanut Butter Fingers
  • Blogging Tips from Katy Widrick
  • Blogging Tools at Blogging Your Passion
  • Blog Tip Thursday’s from Healthy Living Blog

My plans for the rest of my day involve studying and lots of coffee!


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