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Becoming Grace Kelly #Beautiesonfire Link Up

By Elisabeth @onecutedoc

Attention Beauty Lovers. Welcome to the first Beauties On Fire themed link-up. If you don’t know about Beauties on Fire, make sure to check out this post. Our first theme was decided via a Twitter poll. Anyone could vote and our winner was…”Classic Beauty.” All the AMAZING #beautiesonfire members have written posts with their own spin on “classic beauty.” My post is all about Grace Kelly. Make sure you check out all the links below and show some love (come back often to see which bloggers have posted). They are seriously so amazing. I know you will love reading them as much I have. Also, we are always excepting new members and anyone can join (see post above or rules below).

When I think of a “classic beauty,” I think of Grace Kelly. She is so gorgeous and elegant. I took a fun quiz titled, “Which Classic Beauty Are You?” My answer was Diana Ross. I love her too, but I would have a difficult time recreating her look. My mom’s answer was Grace Kelly and that is who I decided to recreate. Note: You can totally take the quiz too. I would love to know which classic beauty you are (make sure to leave your answers in the comments below)!

For this post, I will be recreating Grace Kelly’s elegant beauty. I will start by explaining a little about her life. I will then proceed with the Becoming Grace Kelly tutorial. To wrap it up, I have a fun bonus that you won’t want to miss. Keep reading to find out what it is! Well, let’s get to it!

Grace Kelly

Becoming Grace Kelly #Beautiesonfire Link Up

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Grace Kelly was born in Philadelphia in 1929. She was a popular actress in the 1950s and was known for many film roles. She even won an Academy Award for best actress. Even with all her fame as an actress, she is most known for marrying a real prince. She married Prince Rainer III of Monaco and lived pretty much a fairytale. Sadly, she died after a car accident in 1982. She is so beautiful and graceful. I love her story and love learning about her life. I couldn’t wait to recreate such an iconic “classic beauty.”

Grace Kelly Tutorial:

I created a tutorial on Grace Kelly’s signature look. She has long, thin brows. I love how natural and defined her brows are. They aren’t the very structured brows of today. Her eyes are defined with kohl eyeliner that is smudged. To create her flush, I used a rosy blush. I applied it basically like a contour; sweeping from the ears, down. It was definitely different applying and wearing blush in this way. I finished off her look with a classic red lip. Her red lip is glossy (unlike the matte lips of today) and gorgeous.

For her signature hair, I started by curling my hair. I brushed through the curls to give my hair that classic wave effect. I finished by pinning my hair to the base of my neck. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. Let me know if you recreate the look.

Grace Kelly

BONUS: What’s In Grace Kelly’s Makeup Bag

Kate gave the suggestion of creating a “classic beauty” makeup bag. I jumped on this and just had to include it in my post. I had so much fun creating the collage and I hope you enjoy it. What do you think would be included in a classic beauty’s makeup bag?

Grace Kelly Makeup Bag

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Becoming Grace Kelly

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