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Because I'm Happy

By Lifestreasury
Because I'm happy
Hello lovelies, hi hi..*hiding in my closet to type this post* as I am breaking my blogging schedule. But I just had to *am sorry* BECAUSE I AM HAPPY :))))))).
Yaay! It feels so good to be happy, it is a period of jumping around, smiling away, feeling beautiful, feeling like you do not have worries at the time and you are just living.
But then I wonder why can't this just be everyday *sighs*
Your happiness can only be everyday if you CHOOSE to make it so.
Guess someone is feeling as excited like myself, if yes ask yourself what actually made you happy today and why cant it happen every day.
Happiness is a choice, it is not bought with money, it is not said in words but it comes from Within. It comes from your inside.
The only place you loose happiness is within you and the only place you also find happiness is within you.
It is your sole option to decide to know the things that get at you and things that you let go. Most people have lost their happiness because they pick at everything, everyone says to them at every time. Kilode? Haba!!!  Why so angry?.
Life is a walk way o, why not decide to catwalk so that others will see. Make people vex instead of making yourself vex. When people try to get at you ignore the depth of their words and give a smile in return. (NOT SO EASY THOUGH, BUT IT IS POSSIBLE AND YOU WILL NEVER KNOW UNTIL YOU TRY)
Some people are just set on a mission to annoy and a number of us are also receptive of their annoying self. It really should not be that way.
Think deep about this:
Whatever negative word people say to you does not determine the outcome of your life.
If that is so why waste time on what does not really matter, when you can be happy, jumpy, singing and clapping and working towards that mega future...
So are you ready to make everyday a happy day. Be the happiness virus carrier.
So if yes...lets dance together.....Where is Pharell?..  PHARELLLL!!! Oh here he goes....
Stay happy always. LOoooove you loads. Yes you!!!

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