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Beauty Naturals- Palladio Baked Blush Review

By Iheartmexo @iheartmexoxo
Hey Guys,
I am going to be reviewing Beauty Naturals Palladio baked blush today.
Beauty Naturals has a wide selection of natural health and beauty products including their own brands called Martha Hill and Skin Revivals.
About the company
Beauty Naturals is an established UK company located in rural Northamptonshire in the east midlands of England. They have been selling natural beauty products by mail order since 1980, and also online since 1997.
They choose products that use the finest natural and organic ingredients available, such as essential oils, floral waters, tinctures, butters and natural waxes. Where possible base ingredients are vegetable derived. Some products may include a preservative and chemical sunscreen.
Vegetarians & Vegans

Apart from Glucosamine Gel & Patches all products are suitable for vegetarians. Honey, Beeswax, Milk, Lactic Acid and Silk Protein are included in various face and body products and some color cosmetics contain Lanolin derivatives.
Cruelty Free

They do not test either the finished product or ingredients on animals.
Beauty naturals- Palladio baked blush review
Beauty naturals- Palladio baked blush review
Beauty naturals- Palladio baked blush review
Beauty naturals- Palladio baked blush review
Beauty naturals- Palladio baked blush reviewwithout flash
Beauty naturals- Palladio baked blush reviewwith flash
This is a herbal blush by Beauty Naturals and retails at £9.00.
The company claims that it is ultra fine, a sheer powder with subtle sheen and I have to completely agree with that.
This blush is really lovely.
They also say...Highly pigmented and easy to blend, these shimmery blushes can be used dry, for a natural glow, or wet, for a dramatic radiance that will last all day long!
Ingredients include
Safflower seed oil.
Vitamin E.
Aloe Vera.
Green Tea.
Gingko Biloba.
The blush I have is in the shade berry . Its a really lovely pale soft peach entering the pink zone color with a slight gold shimmer and sheen to it. The blush comes in 3 other shades as well. The texture is quite powdery and easy to work with. The pigmentation is really very good once applied on the brush. I have to be a little careful because the first time I loaded the brush I had to take it off and powder it down and well you probably know what I looked like. The color payoff is good. It just gives a really beautiful flush and a glow. I like the fact that its herbal and has natural ingredients in it as my skin tends to break out with certain products and so far I have had no concerns with it as I have been using it every single day.
Blends quite nicely on skin and gives a radience to the skin. I wore this in the morning to college and it lasted for about 6 to 7 hours which for me is not that bad. The packaging is pretty simple and easy to use.
These are all my opinions and this works good for me and my skin.
I know some might assume it's a little pricey as (I did as well) for a blush but it's worth trying it as it is a herbal baked blush with all natural ingredients.
You can check out the beauty natural products here and the blush here.
Tell what you think and if you have ever tried a product from beauty naturals.
PS sorry for the long post!
The mentioned product is a PR sample given for review. This has not affected my opinion at all and all opinions are 100% honest.

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