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Beauty Boo-Boos Tag!

By Dorkchops @dorkchopsworld


So I came across this tag on Nicole‘s blog and I thought it was such a cute idea. I think it’s hilarious to look back into the past and remember all the beauty faux pas we made LOL. We’ve definitely all had those phases that we look back on and terribly regret! The purpose of the tag is to list 5 of them so here are mine:

 O v e r p l u c k e d  E y e b r o w s

When I first discovered how bushy my eyebrows were and seeing every other girl in school have such neatly defined brows, I wanted to take it upon myself to pluck my eyebrows. This was a horrible idea because I did not have any guide as to what sort of shape and thickness would be most flattering for my face shape so I kept plucking until I had very thin, arched eyebrows. Looking back, they were so unflattering but I’m just so thankful that they managed to grow back so now they’re bushy again LOL.

 O d d  M a k e u p  C o l o u r  C o m b i n a t i o n s

Everyone starts off with a minimal makeup collection. I started off with just an eyeshadow palette my Mum passed onto me because she doesn’t ever use eyeshadow alongside some freebies I got from purchasing magazines. Because of my limited makeup collection, I was wearing shimmery gray eyeshadow with green eyeliner on my waterline…and that was it! That was my entire makeup look. I’m so glad there were no photos of me at this time! I cringe even thinking about it. =P

 W r o n g  F o u n d a t i o n  S h a d e

This is definitely something I have experienced so many times, especially when testing out new foundations. While I used to test out different BB creams, this was a common boo-boo because they always lean on the more paler side. At one point in time, I was wearing BB cream that was too white for my skin. This is why it’s so important to do makeup under daylight! >< My skin looked great when I applied it in the mirror but under daylight, I would look as pale as a ghost! It was definitely not a good look for me and I’m so terribly embarrassed of everyone that saw me!

④ N o  M a s c a r a

There was a point in time when I would wear a full face of makeup but skip mascara! The reason why I did this was because I didn’t like how it would smudge everywhere and give me panda eyes when I took off my makeup. This was before I had makeup remover so I was relying on just face wash to take off my makeup! Looking back, I find it a little ironic how mascara has become an essential product in my makeup routine because it makes such a huge difference! I definitely don’t skip mascara anymore whenever I put on any sort of makeup. =)

⑤ N o  F o u n d a t i o n

This is an ever weirder one for me but one time when I went on holidays, I didn’t wear foundation but I only put on eye makeup and lipstick. The photos I took were horrific because my skin back then was a lot worse than it is now so it just clashed so bad! Having a clear canvas is so important when applying makeup, it’s either wear no makeup at all or have some sort of base makeup incorporated into a makeup look in my opinion! Unless you have a clear face naturally then I am so so jealous! =)

These were my 5 beauty boo-boos (I’m sure I’ve had so many more than these too LOL)! I’d love to know what yours were so feel free to do this tag too or leave your top 5 in the comments below! ♡

Beauty Boo-Boos Tag!

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