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Beauty | Benefit's Lollitint

By Megan Lillie @meganjanelillie
Beauty | Benefit's LollitintBeauty | Benefit's LollitintBeauty | Benefit's Lollitint
Beauty | Benefit's Lollitint
A cheek and lip tint was something not evident in my make-up collection, until now. Benefit's latest valentine-ready releaseLollitint*, hit the beauty world by storm a couple of weeks ago and as it's my first try of a product like it, I thought I'd give you my two cents worth (I know a lot of others have!). Described by Benefit as a 'candy-orchid' or to me and you as a 'pinky purple', I was excited to see how this would play out for me.

When it comes to cheek products I almost never ever wear blush; Simply because I could never get the hang of the application. I either didn't apply enough or ended up looking like Aunt Sally, there was just no middle ground! So a liquid cheek tint took me a while to get to grips with. I eventually found the perfect way of application by dotting the product onto my fingertips then patting it onto my cheeks. Be careful not to apply too much as it can be really bright! However, it lasts well and leaves you looking rosy. 

I think I prefer to wear this product on the lips. With a steady hand, you can apply one layer for a light and glossy look or multiple and build it up to a beautiful (and wearable) lilac. When applying multiple layers I did find the texture turned a bit weird before it dried on to the lips, it was unpleasantly sticky. However, once the product had set, the shade was perfect and I found it to last a couple of hours before wearing in the center of the lips. It takes a while to scrub off too, I mean, boy does it tint those lips!

If I can get over the slightly sticky sensation I can see myself wearing this on the lips more often. However, I still don't think adding color to my cheeks is my kinda thing - I'll stick to my contouring! Are you a lover of cheek and lip tints? Are you a non-blush wearer like myself? I'd love to know, thanks for reading!

Beauty | Benefit's Lollitint
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