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Beauty | 5 To Try From Elemis

By Megan Lillie @meganjanelillie
Elemis Five to TryElemis Five to TryElemis Five to TryElemis Five to TryElemis Five to TryElemis Five to TryI have always thought of Elemis as a brand for the *ahem* older ladies, but boy, was I so wrong! Here are five products to try from Elemis...
It's a weird situation how I came across Elemis in the first place. My great Auntie who sadly passed last month was an avid QVC lover. She would spend her days watching for the latest deals and built up boxes and boxes of stuff in her home of goodies.
She particularly loved Elemis. 
The first product I came across was featured on this blog many moons ago and that's the Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm (£41), which as ever, is still freakin' awesome. 
It's been my go-back-to cleanser time and time again due to how well it not only removes makeup, buy hydrates the skin and gives that 'clean but not stripped' feeling. 
The balm melts into the skin transforming into an oil once mixed with water that allows for a non-eye-stinging-bloody-wonderful experience. 
The little spatula included makes for a mess free application because we don't want no greasy fingers, oh-no.
Sometimes, I like to wear a lot of makeup. Like alooooooot of makeup. I freakin' love it.
When I do this, I find the easiest way to remove it is to use a cleansing oil and the Elemis Cleansing Oil (£31) is the bomb-diggity.
It is the silkiest, most-soothing, most gentle oil I've used in a long time. It literally washes away makeup with so much ease and so quickly too! Can I bathe in this?
When a brand designs a toner in spray form I literally wanna throw my arms around them and kiss 'em. 
The Apricot Toner (£23.50) is a breath, or more rather a spritz, of fresh air after a long day in the office. The main characteristic of this is that it's soothing. It relaxes and calms the skin (and me) after cleansing.
There's no alcohol or harsh chemicals used so there are no stinging sensations going on with this spray, just pure joy, and bliss.
I've been finishing off on an evening using the Pro Collagen Marine Cream (£82) which, like the rest of these products, is pretty bloody lovely.
It's essentially an anti-wrinkle cream, which I'm not too fussed about, but for general hydration - it's marvelous.
In its clinical trials, it improved hydration up to 177%. Which is a little bit mental, but still bloody brilliant. It's fairly light and doesn't leave the skin feeling greasy at all. 
Now, I'm definitely no self-tanner. 95% of the time, tanning products make my skin go berserk so I have to be really careful with what I use.
If I ever do use tanners I'll always use a gradual one rather than instant because OH am I prone to that streaky bacon look. 
The Total Glow Bronzing Moisturiser (£31) is a gradual tanner for the face. It's a white lotion with no color when you apply. 
I didn't notice an instant change of color the next morning (I mean, duh, Megan. Gradual). But there definitely was a certain glow about the skin that improved as the days went on.
I felt LIT. LIT FROM WITHIN. Like an angel had crawled in my skin.
Too far? I'll leave it there.
Beauty | 5 To Try From Elemis
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