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By Megan Lillie @meganjanelillie
A Store For Makeup Artists - PAM (Precious About Makeup)A Store For Makeup Artists - PAM (Precious About Makeup)A Store For Makeup Artists - PAM (Precious About Makeup)A Store For Makeup Artists - PAM (Precious About Makeup)There are plenty of places to shop online for makeup - the possibilities are endless. But what's out there for makeup artists?
I'm not a makeup artist, never have claimed to be, most likely never will be. But boy, do I love my makeup. My collection is by no means the largest I have seen, but when my friends and family come round there's always a gasp when they look on top of my drawers and see all of them full to the brim. I have done makeup for family and their friends, as well as my own friends for various occasions like weddings and birthdays. It feels quite nice (and a bit of a compliment!) when they do so as I feel like they must trust me and that I'm 'good' enough to make up their faces appropriately! 
When PAM (Precious About Makeup) approached me wanting to send me a few bits, I had a little rummage around their website to see all the fabulous brands and products they have and there are so many! PAM was founded by two leading, professional makeup artists who set out to create an easy, friendly store that was super budget friendly for your everyday consumer. They also come to makeup artists in aid when they have a beauty emergency on set - incredible, eh?! The ladies also wished for the website to be a place for artists to share their tips and tricks, and that can be found here
Some of the fabulous brands that PAM stock are the likes of Ben Nye, Kryolan, Make Up For Ever and Sigma to name only a small handful. That's just the makeup too, PAM stocks a bunch of accessories like makeup bags, trolleys, lights and empty palettes for that full makeup artist experience. So whether you're a budding makeup artist or just a makeup enthusiast like me, PAM is definitely an online store to consider when shopping for everything beauty related!
Where do you shop online for your makeup products?
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