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Beautiful Barcelona Architecture

By Smartgirltravel @SmartGirlTravel

A guest post ♥ by Susie Seldon ♥

Barcelona Architecture is more than just a prominent feature of Barcelona – it is the heart and soul of the city. Every year thousands upon thousands of people flock for Barcelona holidays to take in the work of Antonio Gaudi, a man whose architectural style is wholly unique to anything that has been seen before. He has made Barcelona famous for its distinctive buildings – creating a breath-taking, imaginative visual experience for all those who visit. 

I’ve constructed a list of my top three pieces of architecture that you must see on a Barcelona city break:

  • La Sagrada Familia is unarguably Gaudi’s greatest design. This iconic church has become Barcelona’s most recognised landmark and tourist destination. The remarkable building is still under construction since Gaudi designed it in 1882, and could still take several more decades before the building is completed. The church has a neo-gothic influence, and although still in construction, is open to the public and definitely worth a visit.
  • Casa Battló is another poignant building designed by Gaudi, the exterior is wholly unlike anything seen before – the ripples and shape of the building combined with the unique use of color have resulted in a truly imaginative creation. The building is a must see visit while in Barcelona, giving you another opportunity to appreciate the great work of Gaudi.
  • Park Guell is a firm favorite for all those visiting Barcelona. A stylish park, created by Gaudi for the aristocracy is a one of a kind creation. In keeping with the stamp Gaudi has left on Barcelona, Park Guell is an intricately designed park, with beautiful coloured tiling giving the park a magical feel. With distinctive architecture around every corner, the park is a wonderful place to relax and truly soak up the impact Gaudi has left on the city.

Author Bio:

My very first guest blogger, Susie Seldon, is 22 and works as a travel writer at She loves travel and adores going on short European breaks whenever she can.

Barcelona has always been her favorite – with its mix of culture, history and unbeatable atmosphere; it makes it the perfect destination for a short weekend away.

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