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Beau Sancy Diamond Leaves Prussia Home

By Raymondleejewelers @raymondleejwlrs

English: Sancy (Diamant)

Beau Sancy Diamond

It is possible that there is a once in a lifetime event that will occur on May 15, 2012 in the world of diamonds. Rare and precious stones are often auctioned to fetch some enormous and unbelievable selling prices. The notoriety some receive are usually attributed to their relation to the owner or its size, clarity, color and so on. And then there are those that have a story creating a mysterious element that is intriguing as well as fascinating. There is such an event that will undoubtedly get a lot of attention.

34.98 Carat Diamond To Highest Bidder

The Beau Sancy Diamond is to be auctioned and is already receiving estimations of as much as 4 million dollars before it is all said and done. I suppose that this is rather impressive, but what has more interest or draw to me is the story behind this almost 35 carat monstrosity. Some key points about the shape and cut of the Sancy Diamond are not all that impressive until you find out when the expert work was completed.With 110 cuts, it was formed into a tear drop or pear shape, depending on how it is presented. For this kind of accomplishment to be successful today, it is extremely difficult, but something you would expect a professional to be able to achieve. However, would this same expectation exist if you knew it was done during the 15th century?As complex of a work as it appears, the resulting shape and perfection, literally, in artistic appearance and symmetry are overwhelmingly astonishing. Looking at the picture below, carefully gaze at how even, smooth, and sharp its cuts and curves appear. The individual who cut this magnificent piece was truly a master craftsman and a credit to his art.

Beau Sancy Diamond

Beau Sancy Diamond
However, this is only part of the story. Remember the history I spoke of previously? This elegant stone has a story that literally takes it in and out of the hands from riches to poverty. When discovered in the early 1500′s, this stone joined left India and ultimately into the hands of the wife of Henry IV in 1604. This gifting would have a short life as King Henry IV was assassinated several years later. His wife, Maria, had to flee and ended up in the Netherlands where the Beau Sancy would be pawned. Can you believe it? Pawned for the purpose of settling her debts.Prince Hendrick of Nassau-Orange would acquire this stone to later give it to his son, William, in order to seal the marriage to Mary Stuart. Many years later, William would die leaving his wife with huge debt and only the stone to her name. She moved to England in 1662 where she had to settle her debts left to her. How do you think she paid her debts? You guessed it, she pawned the Beau Sancy Diamond. So, twice now the stone had to be relinquished to those not of royalty.

Sotheby’s Geneva – Location of the May 15th auction 

Location of the May 15th Beau Sancy auction
Life of the diamond from this point was much more consistent by making it to the collection of the Queen of England around 1677 and eventually ending up in the House of Prussia where it remained until current times. This 34.98 ct double-rose cut diamond will be on display during a tour prior to stopping in Geneva where Sotheby’s will conduct the auction on May 15th of this year.

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