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Beat the Heat This Summer with Android Apps

Posted on the 07 June 2012 by Telecolumnist @tele_columnist

This is the third and the final edition of Beat the Heat with Mobile Phone App Series. In the Previous two Posts
Beat the Heat this Summer with BlackBerry Apps & Beat the Heat this Summer with IPhone Apps we understood how these two class of smart Phones are able to make your Summer time a fun time. These apps can perform various roles to make your summers a cheerful moment to live on. Various functions performed by these apps are it can work as a Summer Holiday Travel Agent, Cookery Adviser,  Travel Packing Planner etc. I decided to cover these three most popular platforms because I am sure these three smart phones are covering at least 70-85% of Mobile Users. Now lets see how Android Apps are going to bring Fun this Summer.

Steak Time

This Android App from the house of excellence of Omaha can bring your Grill fears fly in the air. It brings you

a huge variety of recipes where in you need to decide which one to start from. Recipes can be tagged for your friends, relatives know what you are cooking today. You can create shopping list from the apps to ensure none of the items required in recipe is missing while cooking. If you ask me what is great about this app I say the video you can see the professionals cooking your choice of recipe and share tips and tricks of the recipe. A timer is added advantage of this app. As it tells you when to put in grill to cook as per order of each guest. Another good thing is that the app is free with photos of all dishes.

Drinks Master

A party usually starts when alcohol served. Hence with this app you can make hundreds of varieties of Alcoholic drinks.

Now coming back to the app it is not only made for the Alcoholic drinks but also the Kids in the family can have fun with many options available for Non-Alcoholic Beverage recipes. There are many options available of tea and coffee in this apps. The whole family can have fun together with wide varieties of recipes available in this app. Have a Happy summer...


Kayak App is tailor made to to fulfil your travelling needs this summer. This app carries good search capabilities helping you find a good hotel and flights to the destination. Compares the available options so the user can easily decide which fits his budget and needs. Kayak allows calling Travel Agencies from the numbers stored in the app (This is quiet a new option) Flight tracker helps you plan your journey. And Best part of this App is it is freee!!!! So What is your plan of Holidaying this Summer.

Google Goggles

Google Googles helps your search for anything you take snap off. It is a real interesting stuff because you are searching with the help of Photo!!! It is helpful for people who need some information about a new area and find places of interest, History and Geography of that place. Also can help you shopping in a local Mall. Helps you find the options which are available online with the pricing so you can choose whether to buy the product from the store right away or to order it online. Additionally this App can read the QR and Bar codes so as to find the information about a painting, a Mobile Phone, Accessory or anything. Carry your camera phone and this app enabled and Enjoy shopping without your pocket being drilled.

And more over the app is free...

Google Sky Map

Do you enjoy watching stars in the clear night of summers. This app is just right for you.

Google Skymap opens stars through smartphone's camera you may ask How? The answer is just open the app target towards the sky and sky map will tell you what you are looking at which star, constellation, planet. If you ask me Best features of this app I would say if I you want to know where to point to see the north star the Sky map will tell you in which angle you should keep the camera to target north star. This revolutionary product is Free.

Hope you had a real fun reading the post as I had writing it and you have already started planning about your summer holidays.

I welcome your comments, feedback and suggestions on this particular post or the complete series Beat the Heat. You can drop in your comment below post or you can mail me on my Email [email protected] Looking forward to hear from you.

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