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Beach Baby Cookie Snack

By Pinkwhen @pinkwhen

When you visit the beach, you have to make sure you have yummy, kid friendly snacks on hand. I can remember going to the beach when I was younger and snacking away! It was the week where Ice cream and cookies could be a daily dalliance, and for our beach vacation this year, it's the same!

Ice cream cookie sandwiches are so yummy, and an awesome tasting snack. You only need a few key ingredients, and once they come together, you will have the happiest kids on earth.


Grab your super secret ingredients and prepare to amaze everyone! Grab your cookie, top with ice cream, add the secret sauce (hot fudge), and top with another cookie. Let the ice cream melt just until soft, and eat as a sandwich, or break it up and eat with a spoon. Either way, it's heaven in your mouth, and the ultimate beach baby cookie snack!


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