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Be Too Happy

By Shawnaschuh


Happiness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m happy on this week of happiness to say that today my gift to you is a creed by Christian D. Larson:


“Be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind;

To talk health, happiness and prosperity;

To make your friends feel that there is something in them; to look on the sunny side of everything; to think only of the best;

To be just as enthusiastic about the successes of others as you are about your own;

To forget the mistakes of the past and profit by them;

To wear a cheerful countenance and give a smile to everyone you meet;

To be too large for worry,

Too noble for anger, too strong for fear,

And too happy to permit the presence of trouble.”


The above creed is all about actions – to talk, make, be, forget, it’s a recipe for life and will result in something magnificent. I’m so happy for you and me.


You Create Your Day by the way You Think! Be Present!

Go make it a Magnificent Day!


Blessings, Shawna


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