Be Here Now

Posted on the 14 April 2015 by Luciano Pacini
Everyone today talks about “the art of living here and now”, like if the problem of many people would be the fact that they can't stay in that state of mind. I say the opposite: is it really possible "don't be here now"? Many "guru" talk about this concept and without inventing anything, just cloning a knowledge arising from some Oriental Cultures. The truth is that already many years ago, Classical Philosophers theorized all that; they knew the fact that happiness is better tasted into the present moment. Just think about all the social occasions and various symposia that ancient Greeks and Latins have done. The most important thing was just to enjoy the best of what that quality time was able to offer: Food, Wine, Chatting, Love, Eros and so on.

Be Here Now

Even during their decadence, Romans knew how enjoy their "present"
So basically I also can say, my dear reader, that your happiness depends by a positive attitude that you have in everything of what you do: "this is the moment that makes you touch the Eternity". Even some recent scientific studies have revealed that depressed subjects, or at least unhappy people, tend to ruminate over the past, while on the contrary happier subjects just tend to focus on what they are doing now.
Many people who are living in capital cities of the World have a stressful life, mainly because they do a job that they don’t like to do; so they try to resolve this problem doing in their spare time the so called “meditation”. They do that because concentrating on themselves they can calm their minds; considering the interaction between body and soul. They are trying in this way to eliminate or at least mitigate the vicious cycle of negative thoughts accumulated during the day spent doing what they don't like.

The point for me is another, I say, it would be better to spend your day doing something that you really love! In this way there would be no need for anything that can be a medicine or a cure.I don't mean to speak bad about meditation, in fact, I believe that this technique can help you living in full consciousness, or at least to recharge you, but I don’t think that any results is caused by meditation itself; it just works because during that moment you are really focused on what you are doing and so you are releasing positive energy.

Be Here Now

I should ask her if it works

But try to think, my dear reader: you can do it in every moment of your existence, it doesn't matter just waiting for the evening when you are going to gym doing yoga.When you are talking with someone, when you are working, when you are walking, when you are cooking, all of those moments could be a “meditation moment”, so really every moment can be a source of happiness and this can change your life in a positive way. If you do a lot of meditation, why you can't "meditate" all day long? In this case for "meditation" obviously I mean something like "being aware of yourself" doing right choices.Of course I must point out that if today's lifestyle promotes mental dispersion, is important do don’t banish completely any digression from the mind. Your mind must be focused to be balanced but not too much. We have a lot of responsibility and therefore our minds need to focus but also need a variety of activities, all in the right way. It depends anyway, what may work for someone does not work for another and vice-versa; so meditation, listening to music, poetry, contemplation of an work of art, are all precious tools that you can use in order to increase your happiness.Then another statement that I want precisate is that if your happiness depends on the ability to live in the present, it also depends on your attitude to remind about some past moments, in fact, not all past moments of your life are ugly, there are also many happy ones, and those can emerge in your memories. As I said, even Plato and Epicurus intend memory only as an instrument of happiness. It is a journey into the past that brings emotions in the present, and for that you have to commit to bring you only positive memories, you don’t need others.

Be Here Now

Your mind can fly from past to future, but real time machines are just in movies (for now)

Anyhow my dear reader, of course you are used to know my strong visions about any topic, and so even now I am going to give you one. So forget everything and listen now: In my philosophical way I can tell you that doesn't really matter if you think about the past, the present or the future, because you are living here and now. So you can do whatever you want, but you will be always here and now. Really, think as much as you want about your past experiences, good or bad, think how much you want about what you are going to do the next year, but the reality is that you will live just the present moment, even if you don’t want! Even against your wishes and your desires! Yes! It is like that! This is my revelation for you. You can’t really choose too much, so consequently you can just choose in what way you want to live your present: you can choose to think a lot about your past, but in this case you are still living your present. You can choose to think more about your future, but you are not living into your future, you are still living into your present.So my dear reader I am sorry for you, but if you were thinking to find some solutions to stay more into your present, I can tell you don’t worry, really, because despite everything and above all, even despite yourself, you will always live the present moment, and you can’t do in a different way, either if you think about your past, your present or your future.

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