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Be Chic and Modest

By Kaye

If you want to stay in fashion, you have to find passion in things that interest you. To be in style is an individual choice. You have to like it. You have to love it. Fashion is about individuality. Finding the trends that suits your taste isn’t that easy and more so finding the right style that fits your personality is a battle.

If you are a hijabi, the challenge is twice than other girls because you want to dress up while still waving the banner of modesty. There are many dos and dont’s. You have to tailor your wardrobe and find time to mix and match. Don’t overdo your collection with items that won’t conform to the standard. You can still be chic, it’s just a matter of choice and taste.

Here are some staple items that should be made available at your wardrobe for a trendy yet modest hijabi look.

1. Hijab (Scarf)


If you are a hijabi or planning to be one, you might consider collecting scarves. You can wear it plain or printed and style it the way you want it. I would go for neutral shades and not so overly decorated patterns and prints. There are many YouTube video tutorials to get inspiration from.

2. Brooches


Brooches are fashion statements. Wether you are a hijabi or not, you can make use of it to accessorize your outfit. You can choose fancy to plain brooches depending on your style. Some are even decorated with stones for added cuteness. It is used to attach the scarf to the dress to avoid fraying.

3. Pins


Pins add details to your scarf and to the total look. It can also vary from plain to adorned pieces.


I personally used these pins. They are easy to use and doesn’t require much time to pin onto your scarf.

4. Long Sleeves


Since you don’t wanna show off your skin, it is wise to invest on long sleeves. You can pair it with anything. With jeans and skirts, you’re off to go now.

5. Blazers/Jackets


Blazers are best to be worn with dress for an added sophistication. It also add substance to a more refined look. You can go rugged or formal with it and you would still look modest.

6. Long Skirts


Be a lady and wear a skirt. It doesn’t need an occasion to celebrate womanhood.

7. Wide Leg Jeans


Who would argue about the comfort of wearing jeans? Wide-leg jeans are the best option for hijabi who love to sport jeans.

8. Bolero Jackets


These are added accesories to provide cover-up for sleeveless tops. The length and style may vary. I suggest you choose the ones with longer backs and wider fronts for more coverage.

9. Maxi Dress


This one is my favorite. I just feel wrapped up with extra confidence everytime I wear a maxi dress. It will go any occasion , you just have to find the right fabric to match the season in your place.

Lastly, to be beautiful isn’t just about the clothes that you wear or the bling bling that glitters. It’s about individuality. It’s about what is inside that glow and can be seen outside. It’s about being a woman. A modest woman.

To be beautiful is to be yourself.


What are your thoughts about being in style? Share your hijabi style with us. We’ll love to hear from you.


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