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Be CERTAIN of Who YOU Are....

By Mspositivity @Ms__Positivity

                                               Be CERTAIN of who YOU are....
Hey Hey Shiners and Shinettes….I pray all is well with everyone.  I am just going to jump right in because this post is very important.
As the days of this year go by, I have come to realize who I am.  I know the basics, my name, age, height, weight, and where I came from.  However, what I mean by I know who I am is, I am certain who I am.  I am certain that I am Melissa, smart, caring, motivating, inspiring, motherly, compassionate and much more.  Many times, I feel that we know the basics, but deep down we are having an identity crisis.  What I mean by identity crisis is that, we forget to see ourselves as unique.  We start seeing ourselves through the eyes of others but not through our own beautiful eyes.  On top of that, we begin to place limiting boxing all around us as if we have forgotten who we are.
Well I am here to make things very clear….BE CERTAIN of who YOU ARE!!! Do not sit and allow another to provide you with negative thoughts of who you are when you already know WHO YOU ARE.  Many times, one will make you forget who YOU are because they do not want you to rise above and be great.  This is when the identity crisis begins to take root.  It is time to get the gardening tools and cut off all of the negative roots.  See Shiners and Shinettes, it all comes down YOUR mindset and not the mind of another. 
In the Lords eyes, we are wonderfully made, so why do we start looking at ourselves as junk and with uncertainty?  WE have to be certain who we are.  We have to seal up all of the cracks that may allow negativity to slip in and wreak havoc over how we look at ourselves or what we can do or not do.  We are WORLD changers, so “WE” should Speak it-Claim it- and EXPECT it!!! 
So I am asking from this day forth, no longer have an identity crisis, do not compare yourself through worldly standards.  Renew your mind, and stop allowing the enemy to keep making you uncertain, because you know JUST WHO YOU ARE!
Ms. Positivity

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